2023: The Significance of BAT Envoy to the Emergence of BAT ~Ajasa-Info

The much anticipated election year, 2023 is upon us.

As it is the custom for Nigerians and the whole world to anticipate a New Year, it is also unarguable to say, 2023 is the most anticipated year in the history of the Nation.

The polity is heated up, Nigerians eagerly anticipate an exchange in baton for another leadership and an improvement from whoever takes over the mantle of leadership.

Rather than the usual smiles, pomp and partying in the new year, Nigerians are focused on the next election coming up in February, 2023. The support for Ahmed Bola Tinubu is growing in leaps and bounds.

His ambition is receiving massive acceptance across sectors in the nation, regardless of the mud-slinging and name calling by oppositions. In fact, the recent announcement that G-5 Governors may endorse Tinubu, though it has been debunked, is a pointer to the acceptability of his candidacy.

Another boost to the former Lagos State Governor’s presidential ambition is the inauguration of the BAT Envoy, by the National Directorate of the APC Youth wing. This envoy, composed of intellectuals, will campaign for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Members of the council have been selected in recognition of their devotion to the party, grassroots network, and the essential need to offer them a platform to demonstrate their capacity.

It is noteworthy to also say service on the Envoy is voluntary, and members, comprising party youths and other important youth stakeholders across sectors, will serve wholeheartedly.
The structure, according to the National Youth leader of APC, Dayo Israel, will be under the APC National Youth Wing Campaign Council.

According to him, the structures were approved by the national leadership of the APC and other stakeholders.
He said, “Importantly, it is a fulfilment of my obligation as APC National Youth Leader and the head of its youth wing. Indeed, article 14.22 of the party’s constitution clearly entrusts the mobilisation of the youth for the attainment of party objectives, including electoral victory, to NYL.

Dayo Israel, an ardent BAT supporter, has proven that the mantle of Youth leadership saddled on him is not a mere one. He is executing his role with all sense of responsibility. He appreciates the importance of the obligation at hand and he is fully prepared for it. He has toured some major cities spreading the gospel according to the book of BAT, and this makes it easier for the young ones to accept someone from the seemingly old generation. Dayo Israel has made a case to Nigerians across the country in various elective positions including the presidency with Asiwaju.

The Envoy will serve as the implementation committee of the APC National Youth Wing Masterplan which outlines strategies and tactics developed to give the party a total and youth-driven victory in 2023.

The master plan received the endorsement of our leader and presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, back in August when it was submitted to him by the leadership of the Wing.

According to him, the APC National Youth Wing Campaign Council will collaborate with other relevant campaign structures and organs such as the PCC and the ICC to ensure our party’s poll success.

That notwithstanding, stakeholders and campaign structures interested in engaging the official structure of the party’s youth wing are strongly advised to channel all communications through the office of the National Youth Leader and the Chairperson of the APC Youth Wing.

Ambassadors in BAT’s Envoy will coordinate and manage public relations.

At this juncture it is encouraging to appeal to members of the envoy to serve with diligence and strong commitment, bearing in mind the enormity of the responsibility they have been entrusted with and its special significance to the victory and future of our party and country.

Hon. Adejumo Rufai Babatunde Secretary, BAT Envoy
(Public Affairs Directorate)


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