Ikorodu Division Chairmen meets on Security, mandates Registration for All Security outfits in the Division ~Ajasa-Info

The Council Chairmen in Ikorodu Division of Lagos, Nigeria has come together to discuss on the mandatory registration of all private security outfits and Vigilantes in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, with their Local Government and Local Council Development Areas they intend to operate, this was discussed earlier today at the Ikorodu local Government.

The Chairmen also state it clearly they are not against any security outfit in the division, because everyone concerns is the protection of lives and properties in Ikorodu Division.

The Council leaders of the local governments in the division were in attendance alongside Police head, NSCDC, LNSA, NDLEA amongst others.

The press statement goes thus:

“In response to the growing security challenges in almost all parts of Lagos State and our country Nigeria, and as a proactive measure to bolster the security architecture of the Ikorodu Division in Lagos State, we the Chaimen of the Local Government Area and the Local Council Development Areas in the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria, in consonance with our legal and constitutional duties and responsibilities, issue this press statement to inform the general public about the security matters in our Division.”

“Whilst we shall continue to work and remain commited to the security of lives and properties in our geographical jurisdictions in the lkorodu Division by working with all the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigerian military, all the paramilitary establishment, as well as al! the lawful and constitutional corporate bodies, registered entities, traditional institutions, political leaders, among others, we shall
neither abdicate nor abandon our prerogatives and resporsibilities of making sure that the good and patriotic people of Ikorodu Division are not left unprotected from any form of unconstitutional and/or unlawfui activitics contrived not only to whittle down the efforts of the Governnment but also to make the lkorodu Division people undeservedly susceptible and vulnerable to all manners of
vicious elements and/or impostors and/or entities without any credible records on security matters and/or bodies with records and antecedents of working against the success of the Government.”

“To that extent and in consonance with the extant provisions in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As Amended), to wit:

Section 14. (1) The Federal Repubic 0 NIgeria shall be a State based on the principles of
democracy and social justice.
(2) Tt is hereby, accordingly, declared that:
(a) sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this Constitution derives all its powers and authority;

(b) the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of gOvernment: and
(C) the participation by the people in their government shall be ensured in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.”

“We, the Chairmen of the Local Government Area and the Local Council Development Areas in the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State in Nigeria, hereby state as follows:

A. All private security outfits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs
Commission) and/or Vigilantes and/or any other entities, however so described, with interest in security in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria mus! be registered and/or officially documented with their local government and the local council development areas where they intend to operate.”

B. In registering, all private security outfits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission) and/or Vigilantes and/or any other entity, however so described with interest in security in lkorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria, must submit the profiles (Resumes) of all their directors and personnel as well as their equipment (arms and ammunitions) to the local Government
and the local council development areas where they intend to operate for onward submission to the Nigeria Police Force and other Government-established security outfits.

C. The Chairmen of the Local Government Area and the Local Council Development Areas in the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State in Nigeria shall only be willing and ready to work with private security outfits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission) and/or Vigilantes and/or any other entity however described with interest in security in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State Government that have satisfied the above requirements.

“It is directed that all private security outtits (registered or yet to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission) and/or Vigilantes and/Or any other entities, however so described, with interest in security in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria that have not satisfied the requirements above are prohibited from carrying out any form of activities or launching or inauguration, howsoever called in any part of the Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Nigeria”

“And any form of breach shall be deemed not only as unlawful but as a breach of the relevant sections of the extant Nigerian
Constitution and the Criminal Code

“Sufice it to express, at this juncture, our collective gratitude for the efforts and cooperation of the Nigeria Police Force, the military, NSCDC (Civil Defence), and all the other security cstablishments that have been working with us in the lkorodu Division for ensuring peace, order and security of
ives and properties in the division; we urge you to keep up your good works.”

“In conclusion, we once again assure all the good and patriotic people of Ikorodu Division in Lagos state of our all-round services for the growth and development of the division andits people and security of lives and properties.
Thank you all.”


A traffic robbery suspect arrested by the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) over the weekend was today sentenced to two years imprisonment.

The traffic robber, Lookman Ojo (25) was arrested early Friday morning at Ojota under bridge where he along with an accomplice were dispossessing a car driver of their belongings.

Ojo, who was arrested by the RRS Decoy Team in September 2021 for traffic robbery around Alapere, inward Ogudu was re – arrested two weeks after regaining freedom.

Ojo in his confession stated apart from robbing occupants of flashy cars in traffic, he along with his colleagues rob in Ojota, Mile 12 and Ketu, noting that there are many of them in the area.

“We collect money from trucks carrying goods, rich men and women as well as people with flashy cars. Early in the morning and in the evening, many of us come to Ojota and Ketu to rob. I am not the only one. Many of us do it, we are just trying to survive”.

The primary school dropout disclosed that he learnt welding for 17 years and he was in Lagos to source for money for working tools and freedom.

“I do bus conductor and whenever I have no bus to work with I beg for money in traffic”, he stated.


The Commissioner of Police Mr. Hakeem Odumosu commissions the Anti-cultism, anti-kidnaping CP strike team security building in Araro Community in Ikorodu North LCDA by The Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA Builder Adeola Adebisi Banjo, yesterday 20th of January.

The good people of Ikorodu North LCDA and indeed Ikorodu division in general heave a sigh of relief yesterday when the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Hakeem Odumosu visited Ikorodu North LCDA to commission the built by the Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Builder Deola Banjo.

The Chairman in response to the several reports of killings and unrest in the Araro, Liadi, Ipoyewa, Maya, Emuren, Isiwu and surrounding communities decided to build a security house which was donated to the CP Anti-cultism and anti-kidnaping wing of the Nigeria Police Force.

The highly joyous residents of these communities came out in their numbers to witness the historic event.

The architectural masterpiece building has six office spaces, one armoury
five toilets, two cells, one exhibit room, a changing room and the counter in a expanse of land that allows for other activities such as the morning parade among others.

Builder Deola Banjo in his speech thanked the Olufuda descendant family for donating the land used to build the security building to the LCDA while the Olufuda family in appreciation of the Chairman’s kind gesture presented gifts to him.

Ashipa Kaoli Olusanya in his own remarks “in the cause to bring peace to Ikorodu Division, Ikorodu Division peace Initiative Joint Task Force JTF was incorporated they are 200 in numbers, we got the approval from the IGP.”

“In two weeks time we will launch it in Ikorodu town hall, their will be insurance for them, because they will be the one to secure our lives and properties.”

“In the same vein he commend the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA for a job welldone for erecting a police station in Araro Community in Ikorodu North LCDA.”

Hon. SOB Agunbiade majority Leader Lagos State House of Assembly, in his own remarks”I commend the Chairman, this is one of the troublesoeme area in Ikorodu North, the local government Chairman has taken a good decision by working with the Community to build the police station to tackle criminal activities in the local government, before now if there is anything is wrong in the community of the local government relating to crime, they will have to go to Imota LCDA, because there is no police station in Ikorodu North.”

“Once again I commend Bldr. Adeola Banjo for this wonderful project he carried out.”

“The immediate past Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA Hon. Adeola Jokomba, in his own remarks said “Since the assumption of Banjo in office he never doubted his competence to move the local government from where he stops, with the years he has spent as the Council Chairman I can categorically day I’m proud of him.”

Hon. Jokomba also highlights some of the Chairman in the past years and he commend him for the structure of police station he erect.

CDC Chairman remarks Mr. Niran, “in some area they need hospital they were give them something else, But in in this adamo Community this is what is needed at the moment because I of the menace happening in this area.”

“I commend the Executive Chairman for this laudable project.”

Baale of Mojoda Araro appreciate the Chairman, AIG Odumosu, Olufuda family and the whole Community. He also give note of warning to the people causing menace in the community.

“If their is peace they will be lots of growths in terms of industries and the likes, If their is no peace, they can’t be Development.”

Guests in their numbers took turns to congratulate the Chairman for the good job well done while the Builder promised to do more for his people in the coming days.

The Commissioner of police in his remarks “I commend the Chairman for this, without the support we can not the anything, we are as security for you, we are to make use of this edifice, and make sure further security is brought to the community, I’ll equiped this place with men and arms so that the place will be well fortified.”

“I’ll enjoin the officers to treat the people in the community right by not misusing their power, I’ll also enjoin everyone of you in the community to be of good behavior in the community, no one should constitute nuisance in the community, remember their is now a police station and the men of Nigerian police that will ensure menace is not allowed in the community.”

The Commissioner rounding up his speech, he went ahead to cut the tape to Commission the building.

Notable Dignitaries in Lagos State and Stakeholders in Ikorodu North LCDA identified with Builder Deola Banjo in appreciation of his unequalled passion to ensure his people sleep with the two eyes closed.

The former Deputy Governor of Lagos State Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, the former Vice Chairman, All Progressives Congress, APC, Asipa Kaoli Olusanya, majority leader, Lagos State house of Assembly, Honourable SOB Agunbiade, Otunba Olasunkanmi Tijani, Honourable Muyideen Jokomba, Council of Baales in Ikorodu North LCDA, Party leaders, rank and file of the Nigeria police force among other notable stakeholders added colour to the event.