▪️It’s time Ikorodu Constituency 2 gets principal position to aid development, Basorun insists.

Ikorodu Constituency 2 leading Aspirant, Hon. Nurudeen Solaja-Saka, on Tuesday visited His Royal Majesty, Oba (Barr.) AbdulSemiu Orimadegun Kasali, Adeboruwa of Igbogbo Kingdom, and the entire members of Adeboruwa-in -Council, to seek for Royal blessings ahead of the All Progressives Congress primaries.

Solaja said the visit was to solicit the support of community leaders ahead of the party’s primary election. Also to get royal blessings and to inform the Igbogbo monarch of his ambition to contest the 2023 House of Assembly Seat.

Meanwhile, a former SSG and member of Governance Advisory Council, (GAC) Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun, thank the Adeboruwa-in -Council for the warm reception, adding that the choice of Hon. Solaja, who has the Apex party Leaders’ backing, is the best presently in the interest of Ikorodu constituency 2’s progress and uninterrupted development.


Emphasizing on reasons for supporting the incumbent for third term, Basorun disclosed that the trend and dynamic of the society have shown that we should review the process in Ikorodu Constituency 2.

“My first reason was because we have decided at the GAC and State Party Leaders’ meetings that anyone willing to go many times, should go and face the Party delegates and if they reject him, that means the person is not popular. We should not prevent anybody.


“Kabiyesi, the second reason is that, Ikorodu Constituency 2 needs recognition, we need to get one of the seven principal positions after 23years. We want Solaja to be a Principal Officer, to enhance development.

“And thirdly, some Alleged that Solaja has not performed. But I am aware that he has performed and I can confirm that,” Basorun explained.


He warned people about the spreading of fake news against the Royal fathers and Party leaders in Ikorodu Constituency 2, of endorsing Abiodun Moshood Aro, AMA, as the Constituency 2 choice, urging all to disregard such news, adding that it’s not only fraud but also an insult to the traditional institution.

“We are here before the Kabiyesi, not to seek for an endorsement but to thank him for being supportive and standing by us always,” Basorun added.

In his royal remarks, the Igbogbo Monarch, Oba Kasali, wished Solaja and the entire APC members that visited him well and prayed for Solaja to be successful in his political aspirations, saying the traditional institutions were apolitical.

Solaja, in company of the Chairman, Imota LCDA, and other party Leaders had earlier visited the Ranodu of Imota, HRM Oba Mudashiru Ajibade Bakare Agoro, on Monday, where the King showered his royal blessings on him.





Ikorodu Division APC Youth Leaders engages, unifies Ikorodu aspirants, on youth Inclusion and development.

In the remarks of the Divisional Youth Leader Comr. Babatunde Oyesanya TOD

“On behalf of myself and my respectable youth leaders, I welcome you to this first of its kind Political youth meeting of APC Youths, Ikorodu Division.”

“Thank you Sirs/Mas for taking the time to meet us today, out of your tight and busy schedule, we pray your efforts never go unrecognised & appreciated.”

“Today’s meeting is not a speech making one, rather an outline of our objectives; Hence the following:

• We seek to familiarise ourselves and build a healthy relationship between the youths and LAHA aspirants

• We seek to make each and every LAHA aspirants aware that APC Youth, Ikorodu Division as no favourites.

• To urge all LAHA aspirants to always preach and seek peaceful resolution to all issues.”

“Furthermore, after our party primaries we seek to create a platform tagged “Beyond The Posters” to enable our candidates share the legislative agenda and programmes with constituents and youth bodies with Ikorodu Division.”

• Development of a comprehensive APC Youth Database

• Launch aggressive media campaign on social media, electronic media and print media to support of our candidates contesting for various positions, such as President & Vice President, Senate, House of Representative & State House of Assemblies.


• Improve youth participations in all elections through door to door mobilisation and campaigns.

• Seek more empowerment benefits for youths in the areas of Skill acquisitions, education and technology.”


Aspirants from Ikorodu Constituency 1 and Ikorodu Constituency 2 were present to present there agenda if elected into the office, aspirants present at the gathering are:

Hon. Sanai Oyeniran Bolanle SOB Majority Leader of the Lagos State House of Assembly representing Ikorodu Constituency 1 ably represented by Hon. Jimoh Azeez, Hon. Toyin Gafaar Bolowotan, Hon. Nurudeen Saka Solaja member representing Ikorodu Constituency 2 ably represented Hon. Hassan Anjorin, Hon. Eniola Adeyemi Wake-Up, Hon. Omowunmi Ogbara, Hon. Oluwatosin Onamade, Hon. Bolaji Isikalu SHIFT, Hon. Ogunleye Gbolahan ably represented by his Campaign DG Mr. Kehinde Ayanbadejo, Hon. Oluwabunmi Abiodun Sule, and Comr. Samson Bisiriyu.


All the aspirants preach peace and unity in the upcoming primary election and whoever emerge among them for the seat both Ikorodu Constituency 1 and Ikorodu Constituency 2, they will give such person their total support being the flag bearer of the party, because they all have the love of Ikorodu at heart.



It’s another milestone recognition for Mr. Bayowa Forseyth GM/CEO Lagoshoms as he bags a Nelson Mandela leadership Award for Excellence by the Youth Assembly of Nigeria today at the office.

In response to this exempilary recognition, the GM dedicates the award to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who made it possible for him to serve the state.

This award was given to him as a result of being a Formidable Stakeholder in the Reduction of Housing Deficit in Nigeria, especially in Lagos State.



The NTYTR Lagos Movement sensitized the people of Oshodi/Isolo LGA on Saturday 21st, March 2022 on the need to obtain their PVCs as regards the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking with the Coordinator of the Movement, Feyikemi Idowu Fabiyi encouraged the community people to get involved in 2023 election. She admonished them to get registered and obtain their PVCs.

She said “it is very important that we all get registered and this process can be done online.

“The Members of NTYTR Movement pre-registered about 1,276 residences, including market men and women in Oshodi. All the NTYTR Lagos Executives were all engaged throughout the sensitization on Saturday.


The coordinator of the Lagos State movement, Feyikemi Fabiyi, also expatiated on the importance of PVCs in the electoral process and charged people to claim their voters’ cards when the time comes, as the number of abandoned cards at INEC offices is always alarming. The era of sitting at home without voting is over, she said.


Representatives members from Alausa Youth Vanguard and National Union of Lagos State Student also joined in the PVC Community Sensitization Campaign Walk.


The Coordinator also stated that an individual’s vote is his right and civic duty to perform for the betterment of the country.

Golden Empowerment Foundation, other
representative from youth organisations, CSOs, NGO amongst others.




As our great party APC is closing on choosing, electing, selecting or anointing the candidate to fly our party’s flag for the office of the president at the 2023 general elections, its greatest desire is to retain power at the centre and up till now, there is no doubt in the fact that the party is at the crossroads to choose the candidate among the numerous contenders and pretenders who have taken and submitted their nomination forms, many forces and factors are responsible for the confusion within our great ruling party.

A lot of aspirants are in the race for different reasons, some were pushed into the race for selfish agenda of the few powerful people in the country, some obtained and submitted the N100MN nomination forms to secure a seat at the negotiating table to be able to negotiate their retention in power by all means, some are in the race to revive their downward trending economic status, some are in the race to revive their dying, failed or bankrupt business venture, some were in the race maybe the anointing power of Mr. President will eventually fall on them even when they have no political structure whatsoever to win majority offices for APC in their various states or regions, some were lured into the race by promises of some powerful people in the system to secure President Buhari’s anointment for them, even some of the pretenders have opposition parties ruling in their state, yet they want to be president under the platform of APC because they have some millions of naira notes to throw about, while only one or two are in the race because of their patriotism, seeking to offer their services for the improvement of the socioeconomic development of our dear country and people therein with their experience, vision, confidence and capacity to lead and govern excellently well.

At this critical time of our Nation, we need a President that is well prepared and will comfortably pick the gauntlet, roll his sleeves and begin to change the fortune of our dear country immediately he gets to office.

For the sake of our nation and numerous poor masses, President Mohammodu has the moral burden to have a preferred candidate that few people cannot cage for their selfish agenda, a preferred candidate that can build and improve on his achievements, a preferred candidate that understand the social and structural terrain of our country and the dynamics of our economics for national security, growth & development, a preferred candidate that has the experience, confidence, vision and capacity with tested and trusted antecedents to change the bad fortune of our dear country for better among the comity of the nations of the World and a preferred candidate that can unite us. President Muhammodu Buhari must patriotically put the interest of Nigerians above any other individual and interest of few powerful people in having a preferred candidate.

Our great party, APC if looking towards a consensus candidate must do so beyond selfish agenda of some few who are hellbent on destroying the tenets of democracy, equity & justice in our party for their self fortune and personal aggrandisement.

APC must consider the fortunes of the numerous party men & women who didn’t benefit any fortune whatsoever from outgoing administration of the APC and looks towards a consensus candidate that understand the reward mechanism that is hugely lacking in our party and will be ready to correct it. A consensus candidate that will ensure fair play and adequate rewards for the efforts and loyalty of numerous party faithfuls.

APC must consider a consensus candidate that is widely acceptable to Nigerian electorates of different classes, the masses, the downtrodden, the unemployed, the unemployable, students, young Nigerians who have lost interest and hope in the country, the rich, the poor, the elite, the middle class, the market men & women, labour unions, civil societies and the workers.

APC must consider a consensus candidate that has the record and has been working assiduously and effortlessly for the growth and deepening of democracy and its principles in Nigeria.

APC must consider a consensus candidate that can seamlessly win election for our party in the upcoming 2023 general elections with his personal network, net worth, political structure and infrastructure.

Among the numerous contenders and pretenders who have taken and submitted their presidential nomination forms, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu stands out going by all the factors reeled out above and the numbers of political leaders, serving governors and numbers of party delegates that nominated him, signed and endorsed his presidential nomination forms

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the vision, confidence and capacity to lead and govern excellently well by building and improving on the achievements of President Mohammodu Buhari in the office. He has done same in Lagos which is a mini Nigeria in terms of population, demography, ethnicity, economy, security, employment, revenue generation, activation of financial markets, knowledge based economy especially as we are currently gasping with economic diversification as a country, independent power generation, living in harmony, conducive environment for business to strife, human capacity development, man power empowerment, job creations, attracting foreign direct investments, investment partnership for economic growth and development, identification of talents, training of talents and sending talents to the fields for societal growths, he has led by example and he has built leaders scattering all over the country in the political and business sectors of our country.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu fought effortlessly for development of democracy in Nigeria and Africa, Gambia and Guinea experiences still fresh in our memories, he used his hard earned personal resources for that purpose because of his patriotism and love for the unity of Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a detribalized Nigerian, we have seen him displayed that when he appointed very many non-Yorubas to his government in Lagos. He is not Lord and he does not lord his views or decisions on the members of his government when in office, according to Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Bola Tinubu as a governor then, always listened to robust arguments on issues of policies and implementation and he always succumbed to superior arguments for the sake of socioeconomic growth and development of Lagosians.

Out of patriotism, he dedicated his birthday celebration colloquium in the last twelve years to proffering solutions to our protracted national problems. He has never kept quite on the issues of security and socioeconomic challenges of Nigeria, he has always been a voice of wisdom, constructive criticism and solutions to National challenges.

Out of genuine patriotism for the black race, Bola Ahmed Tinubu rejected juicy jobs opportunities from International Financial Corporations and chose a corporation that gave him roots in Africa so that he would be close to his root in Nigeria for growth and development after he graduated with honours with many awards from Chicago State University.

Out of compassion and humanity, he cancelled this year 70th birthday which he prepared and planned adequately for, an event for which people traveled far and near to attend and very strategic to his lifelong presidential ambition was cancelled at its middle because of the terrorist attack on the train taking Nigerians to Kaduna from Abuja. In his words, Bola Tinubu said “I cannot be celebrating here while our people are mourning the deaths and kidnapping of their loved ones as a result Abuja/Kaduna train attack by terrorists, hence this 70th birthday colloquium is hereby cancelled” He offered prayers for those affected and also mandated everyone present at the event to do same there and at home. He mandated the clergies present to continue to pray for those affected and for the peace and security of our Nation.

Governor Nasir Elrufai, on behalf of the people and government of Kaduna State attested to the rare and unprecedented leadership trait displayed by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in canceling the event and said such thing has never happened in the history of Nigeria. He said such display of unprecedented leadership in solidarity with the people and government of Kaduna State will never be forgotten in great and tremendous appreciation.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has assured party members that the adequate reward mechanism that is lacking in our party, APC will definitely be corrected by him. As a worthy leader, he accepted responsibility that truly efforts and loyalties are not being rewarded adequately in the APC, he identified it, accepted it and offers to correct it. Nobody in Nigeria today can doubt the ability of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to do correct the wrong, he is not God but he keeps promises to the best of his ability, he has a very large heart and he understands very well the spirit of give and take for everyone to be happy. He has once jettisoned his elective office ambition and change his name at the electoral umpire’s office for the peace, justice and cohesion of the party.

Bola Tinubu is a core party man and developer, he understands the true meaning of rewarding efforts and loyalty and that has been his standard practice over the years. I am bold to say that so many people remain in politics today and in the progressive party because they believe Bola Ahmed Tinubu will remember them or fulfill his promises to them or that they will benefit in his rewarding system if they persist.

What other witnesses, qualifications or credentials are we looking for in a worthy and responsible leader to lead Nigeria excellently?

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best man Nigeria needs at this critical time because of his experience, God given ability to identify talents, antecedents of sterling qualities of performances, tested and trusted leadership qualities, detribalization, patriotism, capacity, vision, confidence, network, ability to deliver on good governance deliverables, political structure, political networks, political net worth, huge political infrastructure and wide acceptability among Nigerians.

As our great party APC is closing on choosing its presidential candidate with the much touted President’s preferred candidate, though respect for the wishes of the majority of party members through internal democracy of direct or indirect primaries that will give the party faithfuls the sense of belongings and participation as politicians is the best and acceptable method to elect our presidential candidate, the way we did for President Muhammodu Buhari in Lagos convention in 2014 as our party candidate then.

However, if patriotism, national growth, development and good governance for Nigerians are the factors driving the preference of President Buhari for a candidate, then Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the most suitable to be his preferred candidate and if seamless winning of election without hassle, workable reward mechanism for the party faithfuls, retention of power at the centre, development of progressive party and if worthy and adequate dividends of democracy for Nigerians are the factors driving our party’s consensus move, then Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the indisputable fact, incontestable, point and incontrovertible answer to the questions of Buhari’s preference and APC consensus.

However, if one of the numerous aspirants is bold enough to refuse the undemocratic word called consensus, then party primaries is the way to go for fairness, equity, justice and to safe the pride of our great party.

Adeboye Adebayo is a Chieftain of the APC in Orile Agege, Lagos, the National Secretary, Nigerian Next Level Forum, Member, APC Professional Forum and National Media Director & Publicity, Asiwaju Project Beyond 2023.

CMS Girls Alumnae Celebrates 42nd Anniversary With Funfair ~Ajasa-Info


• Donates 100 Set Of Classroom Chairs, Desks, Cash Prizes, First Aid Boxes, Others To Alma-Mater

The CMS Girls’ Grammar School Alumnae Association on Saturday, 21st May, 2022 gathered at the School Premises Akoka, Lagos to celebrate the forty two(42) years of its establishment amid glamour.

The Theme of the Event- ‘Strengthening The Bond: Past, Present And Future’.

In her Speech, the President of the Association, Mrs. Adeola Adetugboboh said that the social gathering afforded the old students the opportunity to build mutual relationship, Team-building, networking and Supports for members in Nigeria and Overseas.

Adetugboboh announced the donation of One Hundred (100) sets of Classroom Chairs and Desks to the Alma-Mater.

In addition, the Association presented a Gaint-size signage, donated Two (2) Well-equipped First-Aid Boxes, and pledged a One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) Cash Prize to Best Graduating Student in the Ongoing West Africa Examination Council, WAEC (SSSCE)

It would be recalled that the Association had distributed free Exercise books and other learning materials to the students, provided furniture to the Teachers’ Staffroom, issued scholarships and cash prizes to outstanding students, organized career lectures for self-development and actualization for the students. The Association also instituted a Book Club to reignite reading culture among the students.

Adetugboboh encouraged the students to devote their time and energy to their studies to sustain the academic excellence of the school.

She also advised the youngsters to be of good character, uphold the standard and moral values of the school, and be good ambassadors of the citadel of learning at all times.

“Education is your passport to the future. For Tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today. Remember, you are the future of this School, and will in course of time take the baton of leadership of the Alumnae. Therefore, follow your dream and pursue your vision with purpose and tenacity. A positive mindset brings positive things”, Adetugboboh emphasized.

The National President reiterated the commitment of the Alumnae to promote learning cum knowledge acquisition and development of infrastructure within the school.

Adetugboboh applauded the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Special Committee on Rehabilitation of Public Schools and the school management for their supports towards the renovation of the two school buildings.

“We also appreciate the very active, energetic, smart and charming school Principal, Mrs. Bolodeoku F.F, Teachers and Administrative Staff, the Parent Teachers’ Forum, the Executive members and Anniversary Planing Committee for their concerted effort at ensuring the smooth running of the school. We note with pride and profound gratitude, your selfless sacrifice and priceless investment in the future and academic careers of the students. May God reward you most generously”, she concluded.

She however urged members to sustain valued principle of love, comradeship and lend helping Hands to one another.

The Guest Speaker, Pharmacist Oyinlade Olayemi-Kehinde stressed the importance of Bonding and networking amongst individuals.
She advised the gathering to imbibe the culture of sisterliness and live a healthy lifestyle. She also urged them to seek medical care when the need arises.

Speaking, the first Headgirl of the School, Mrs. Ebehijie Momoh advocated an intensified effort in Girl-Child school enrolment and education. She charged the Parents to help every female child nurture her dreams and aspirations.

Highlights of the event include the Unveiling of the Association’s Constitution and Logo, Ceremonial Cake-cutting to mark the 42nd Anniversary of the School and Dancing Competition among the old students.

Present at the Anniversary Celebration were the President of the Association, Mrs. Adeola Adetugboboh and other executive members, 1985 Headgirl Mrs. Ebehieje Momoh; Old students of various sets; School Principal, Mrs. Francisca Bolodeoku, Former Teachers, Administrative Staff, Parent Teachers Forum, Set Coordinators, Students and Well-wishers.



After the successful shadow primary exercise among APC’s Ikorodu Constituency II, Lagos State House of Assembly aspirants in Ijede LCDA, and emergence of Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun as the Ijede LCDA’s chosen aspirant; the party leaders unanimously embarked on consultations to stakeholders to the royal heads in Ikorodu Constituency II.

The consultations began on Thursday, 19th May, 2022 at the palace of Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, HRM. Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali, Emugoriade I. The spokesperson for the team, Alhaji S. Ade Ajala stated that it was the desire of Ijede LCDA’s Royal, traditional and political heads to have a sole aspirant to participate in the party primary since the incumbent has refused to honor the rotational agreement.

Since all the aspirants are legitimate and bonafide indigenes of Ijede LCDA, eminently qualified and none of them was ready to step down from the race; it was thought wise to conduct an in-house primary among the aspirants and all the party leaders agreed to the shadow primary.

He furthered stated that the shadow primary was transparent in that all the aspirants were given comprehensive list of the delegates that would vote in the exercise 72 hours before exercise for them to market themselves to the delegates.


The leaders presented letter duly signed by Ijede’s LCDA APC Chieftain, presenting Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun to HRM. Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali, Emugoriade I as the Ijede LCDA’s chosen aspirant because the unanimously agreed shadow primary is the perfect representation of Royal, traditional and political heads of Ijede LCDA. They didn’t fail to express their concerns over the discreditable and reprehensible refusal of the incumbent and some political leaders from Igbogbo to honor the peace and egalitarian driven rotational agreement.

In his response, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali said as a peace-loving king, I stand where Ijede is standing. He said, since there is an agreement on rotation between the Irepodun formation (Igbogbo, Imota and Ijede), it is just honorable to abide with the agreement, and if there must be a revisit to the agreement, it will be the responsibility of the constituency’s stakeholders to collectively evaluate the efficacy of the agreement and reach a new one, if need be.


He also commended the efforts of the Council Chairmen and political leaders that are taking necessary steps to make sure that the rotational arrangement is implemented.

In the presence of Ijede LCDA APC chieftains, HRM. Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali henceforth endorsed the aspiration Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun and prayed for him.

In the same day (Thursday, 19th May, 2022), the chieftains took their consultation trail to the palace of the Oba Ranodu of Imota, RMH. Oba Mudasiru Ajibade Bakare Agoro. The former political leader and two terms ward councilor said, “I was very much involved in the rotational arrangement; the objective of the arrangement was predicated on equality, selflessness and significance of IREPODUN formation; and there is no justification whatsoever for dishonoring the rotational agreement and urged all the well-meaning people with integrity to distance themselves from such undemocratic act.

The team presented the letter duly signed by Ijede’s LCDA APC Chieftain, presenting Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun to HRM. Oba Mudasiru Ajibade Bakare Agoro as the Ijede LCDA’s chosen aspirant and with traditional song (newly composed for AMA by HRM). He endorsed the aspiration of Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun with heart felt prayers.


On Saturday, 21st May, 2002, the Ijede APC Chieftains headed to the house of Olubeshe of Ibeshe, HRM Oba Richard Ogunsanya; narrating the same development to the king and presenting him with the letter signed by the leaders as well as Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun, the king, a former political leader and ward councilor said the rotational agreement is a substance of IREPODUN’s peaceful coexistence and it must be respected. In his words, he said the “Agreement has become our Law”.

In the same manner, the king endorsed the aspiration of Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun after the unanimously signed letter of Ijede LCDA chieftains was presented to him.

The team then went back home to the palace of Alajede in council where High Chief Alliu Musediq, the regent/Olisa of Ijede and chiefs received them in company of Hon. Motunrayo Alogba, the Executive Chairman, Ijede LCDA, welcoming and embracing their own Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun.

The political leaders headed to the Palace of the Obateru of Egbin, the ever gracious king, Oba Adeoriyomi Akeem Oyebo who officially endorsed Hon. Aro Moshood Abiodun and fortified him with prayers.

Summarily, all the Kings charged all the indigenes and residents of Irepodun to honour the rotational agreement in the interest of peaceful coexistence; they also urged all and sundry to support the choice of IJede LCDA.

The Ijede’s APC Chieftain that made up the consultation team are:

Hon. Adefarasin Hassan, Alhaji S. Ade Ajala, Hon. Aguda Emmanuel, Alhaji Kayode Fahm, Hon. Motunrayo Alogba, Hon. Bello Monsuru


AMA Campaign Organization



Hakeem Taoreed popularly known as AK is Ok Ijede born politician has withdrawn from the race of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu Constituency 2, this was disclosed by his Campaign team yesterday 20th of May 2022.

“A call to Serve, Obeyed and Honored !!!
We write to officially communicate the decision of Mr. Hakeem Babajide Taoreed to withdraw from the race for the position (of member) of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu, Constituency II, under our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). He found it as a great honor to have been thought out of many and called upon to represent the good people of the constituency at the forthcoming election.”

“The call to serve, was the confidence in his enviable academic achievement and impeccable track record as a dedicated Public Servant which has directly impacted positively in the lives of members of his constituency. His constituent are truly proud of his accomplishments and believe that the constituency would benefit greatly from his experience and fresh perspectives.”


“However, after extensive consultation from our revered Leaders and Party Stakeholders of our great party who will decide on who becomes the flag bearer of the party for the seat at the State House of assembly at the Primary Elections to this end, we use this medium to convey the withdrawal of our candidacy to our dear supporters and well-wishers that we would not be going further with our pursuit of the constituency seat at the Lagos State House of Assembly,2023,accepting as supreme ,the decision of our great party in good faith.”


“We humbly align with the decision and directive of the party towards the party primary election.We wish to ask for your continued support and guidance as we trudge on the journey remembering always that a mile long trek starts with a step Mr. Hakeem Taoreed will continue to remain steadfast in his pursuit of a legacy of selfless leadership through service and community engagements.
On behalf of our candidate we wish to restate our gratitude to everyone who has supported us on this journey and shared our vision and dream of quality, equity and fair representation which are crucial to the development and prosperity of ikorodu Constituency II. The support and love has been overwhelming”


“The campaign team thanked Our royal fathers, HRM Oba Kabiru A. Shotobi (Ayangbure of Ikorodu Kingdom), HRM Oba Ajibade Agoro (Ranodu of Imota Kingdom), HRM Oba Semiudeen O. Kasali (Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom), HRM Oba Richard Ogunsanya (Olubeshe of Ibeshe Kingdom), HRM Oba Akeem A. Oyebo (Obateru of Egbin Kingdom), Chief Aliu Musediq (The Regent of Ijede Kingdom) and other Traditional leaders of our Constituency.”

“To APC stakeholders, our most revered GAC members, His Excellency Prince Abiodun Ogunleye Ashiwaju Olorunfunmi Bashorun , Ashipa Kaoli .O Olusanya, Senator Seye Ogunlewe, Distinguish Senator Tokunbo Abiru, Hon. Babajimi Benson, Hon. Sunmi Odesanya, Hon. Olasunkanmi Tijani, Hon. Saheed Hassan Adefarasin, Hon Motunrayo Gbadebo-Alogba, Builder Sesan Daini, Hon. wasiu Agoro, Hon. Taiwo Orenuga, Hon. Sunday Kareem, Hon Rahmon Akinyemi, Our Apex leaders, Councilors of Ikorodu constituency II, Executive members of the Local Government and Local Council Development Area of APC.”

“We thank the members of our campaign organization for their selflessness and strong commitment to walk the talk. These are the first disciples of the mandate.
We wish to unequivocally express our unalloyed support to the party and to whomever emerges as the candidate of the party at the primary election. We therefore call on all our teeming supporters across the constituency to take this decision in good faith and respect the directives of the leaders of our great party.”

“Wishing us all a successful Primary election.”

Thank you.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live Lagos State
Long Live Ikorodu
Long Live Our Royal Fathers
Long Live our Apex Leaders

Mr Nurudeen Lawal



Following the active reformation of Jide Sanwoolu Youth Movement (JISYM) and its official endorsement of Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu as governor of Lagos for a second term in office. The Leadership of JIYSM found it pertinent to meet with the Tinubu Support Organization (TSO) to foster cordial democratic relationships.

The collaboration between the two democratic groups had become necessary to actualize the second term re-election bid of the hard-working (Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu) of Lagos State, and also galvanize support for the front-line presidential aspirant in the APC – Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.


JISYM recognizes the laudable impacts and evergreen legacies of Asiwaju in Lagos State during his tenure and beyond.


Speaking at the programme, Mr Owolabi Falana (Leader of JISYM) presented detailed activities of JISYM since 2018 till date to the leadership of TSO which they applauded and were delighted while promising a more impactful relationship with the youth movement as the election season approaches.


In attendance at the programme were the JIYSM Board of Trustees, it’s Central Working Committee, while on the part of the TSO were Hon. Aminu Suleiman (Director General), Otunba Bada (General secretary), and other leaders.



As part of his campaign promises, the administration of Bldr. Olusesan Daini yesterday, 19th May, 2022 begins construction of market Street’s road, Igbogbo.

The construction was awarded to Western Concrete Nigeria Limited and the road will be completed and delivered is the space three to four months.


The scope of the work are;
·       Two sides Drains ( both sides reinforced concrete with cover slab).
·       Surfacing with interlocking stones.
·       Marking of the road and painting of kerbs.
·       Installation of street lights.


After completion, the road will escalate the value of the Ultramodern Market and Motor Park, and also serve as alternative route for vehicles in the axis.


Daini, thus urges commuters, residents and markers to cooperate with the site workers to have speedy operations and successful delivery of the job.