Rep. Babajimi Benson Member House of Representatives Ikorodu federal constituency, flag-off 1.5 km reconstruction of Agbele community road in the area of Ikorodu central, on the 7th of March.

Rep. Babajimi Benson appreciate the good people of Agbele community for voting APC, for re-electing into office.

In his remarks “I appreciate my leaders for my leaders for always standing by me at all times, I won’t forget the people of Ikorodu federal constituency for voting for me last two weeks Saturday at the poll.

“The road we came to flag-off today is a 1.5km road and will be completed in 3 months time, I urge the people of this community to take this project as your own.”

In the same vein, I want you all to turn to canvasser on Saturday knock on your neighbors door to come out and vote for Sanwo-Olu and Ogunleye, we must increase our votes to 200,000 to remain number one position in the whole Lagos State.

Hon. Dayo Israel the National Youth Leader of APC in his remarks “it is feats of such, as the Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has ushered in at the State level, which has impacted various sectors and industries.
Dayo explained, “Ikorodu stands to gain more than what it has benefited from Governor Sanwo-Olu if he’s re-elected back to the Statehouse”.

He continued, “One cannot describe the development coming our way if we have our leaders at the federal, state and local government”.

“This is why we’re expecting nothing less than 200,000 votes this Saturday at the gubernatorial elections”.
“Lagos State must deliver a re-election victory to Governor Sanwo-Olu, allowing his excellent performance to continue in infrastructure and other areas” Dayo Israel added.

Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, Ashipa Kaoli Olusanya, Prince Amidu Oduborisha, De Cubano, among other leaders urge the residents to come out en mass to vote for APC, vote for Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Gbolahan Ogunleye.



Rep. Babajimi Benson has commissioned the rehabilitated Paul Palmer street in Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA on the 5th march, 2023.

Rep. Babajimi Benson Member House of Representatives, Ikorodu federal constituency emphasized the benefits of increasing Ikorodu Division votes from the 50,000 recorded in the Presidential election to over 100,000.

He added “We mostly develop places with the highest votes, Ikorodu had the highest votes in the last election and we are expecting more from you. We are all canvassers in our various polling units and I want us to inform our neighbors to come out to vote for Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Aro Moshood Abiodun on Saturday”

Oba Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali Adeboruwa of Igbogbo commend Rep. Babajimi Benson for his giants stride Achievements in Ikorodu federal constituency, he promised that Igbogbo will deliver Ikorodu to Governor Sanwo-Olu.

Engr. Lateef Ayodele Somide General Manager Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) said” I want us to follow the synergy, having APC in all the different level of Government, to make answering our requests easy and it helps us to have a dividends of democracy, if you are not in there it will be difficult to get things done . That is why it will be great if we come out massively to vote for the people’s Governor, Babajide Sanwo-olu on Saturday”.

“The Lagos state works department what we do is to monitor the roads built by the honorables or built in the area, we make sure that we perfect the works done, maintain the road, and build drainages if need be, don’t worry we have you in mind because this is a Government that cares for everyone”. He said.

Igbeyin Adun and Ifeoluwa CDAs appreciate Rep. Babajimi Benson with an outstanding Award

Pastor Adeniyi the CDA Chairman Igbeyin Adun CDA Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA in his speech “We appreciate you Honorable jimi benson for your presence here and for the road. Mr honorable today we are celebrating you, for along time now Igbogbo was nothing, and the road was not good enough, we thank you for the road, however we seek your support to construct other roads here in Igbogbo-Baiyeku”.

Bldr. Olusesan Daini The Executive Chairman of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA appreciates Ikorodu for delivering the highest votes and appreciates Babajimi Benson for the road saying that, he had them in mind which prompted him to construct their road first in the whole of Ikorodu, he implore the community to take full responsibility of the of the road, He also implored people to re elect Sanwo-Olu and vote for Aro Moshood Abiodun on Saturday.



Rep. Babajimi Benson member House of Representatives, Ikorodu federal constituency took the gospel of Babajide Sanwo-Olu to the Redeem Christian Church of God RCCG, The Overcomers’ Place – Region 26 Headquarter in Ikorodu, yesterday 5th of March.

He addressed members of the church, he appreciate them for their support in the Presidential election saying that Ikorodu had the highest vote for APC in the whole of Lagos State.

He said, “I bring greetings from the Governor and from the Ikorodu federal constituency, we say a big thank you for last week election because Ikorodu had the highest vote for APC in the presidential election. The Governor sent us to say a big thank you and to seek for more assistance in the coming Governorship and House of Assembly Election also to seek your blessings.”

“I can see they are some POP project that the church needs myself, the Chairman of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA and the General Manager of Public Works will work together to get it done”, he said.

Pastor Dele Olowookere the Head Pastor of the Church said, “On behalf of the Redeem Christian church of God the Overcomers’ place, we are not the only church but the Governor had us in mind to come and visit us, we say a big thank you, the church has members of different political parties, but we know that the Governor has done well for the past four years and what he has done is very visible.”

“And if someone does really well, he should be allowed to participate again. We want to assure you that we will be praying for him that God will support him fervently. We want to also tell you that some of our members are also part of this party as well and they will help in doing some of the grassroots work.”

Rep. Babajimi Benson however honored the men of God and the church by kneeling down to receive their blessings.



Rep. Babajimi Benson Member House of Representatives, Ikorodu federal constituency appreciate the good people of his constituency for electing him to represent them one more time at the green chamber at the just concluded election which took place February 25th and he also appreciate them for electing for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the Nigeria President elect.

In the same vein Rep. Babajimi Benson canvassed for the Re-election of Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Gbolahan Ogunleye for Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu Constituency 1, and Aro Moshood Abiodun for Lagos State House of Assembly, Ikorodu Constituency 2.

Speaking at his monthly iCare food bank “Apo Anu” He plead with the people at the event to vote for Sanwo-Olu on Saturday 11th of March He said “Everyone here are the canvassers, let everybody look for ten people each and convince them to vote for APC, as for me I am compiling the names of the polling units with the highest votes for APC before Saturday and we will be compensating them.”

“We scored the highest votes at the just concluded election on the 25th of February, let us increase the 60,000 votes to 100,000 votes, we can do it and we will achieve it by God’s grace “

“The Governor however sent me to you , that he will be compensating the unit with the highest votes, I implore you to vote for infrastructure, electricity and many more good things coming our way.”

Another one thousand food packs were distributed to the residents of Ikorodu federal constituency for the march edition of the iCare Foundation food bank, this has been the monthly routine by the Rep. Babajimi Benson iCare Food Bank, since 2016.



Independent National Electoral Commission Ikorodu office, has declared Rep. Babajimi Benson the winner of the Ikorodu Federal House of Representatives Seat having scored the highest vote at the just concluded election which took place yesterday across Ikorodu federal constituency.

Earlier this afternoon, the collation officer Professor Victor Ariole announced Babajimi Benson as the winner of the House of Representatives seat in Ikorodu federal constituency having polled the highest votes with the total number of 60,890 while his closest rival Shittu of PDP scored the total number 15,966.Rep. Babajimi Benson reacting to his victory at the just concluded poll he said “I feel great, I give all thanks to God, I thank my family, my darling wife, I thank the leadership of the party, I thank Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving me this golden opportunity, introducing me to politics, it is a very very good thing for Ikorodu federal constituency for giving me this overwhelming mandate again.”

Rep. Babajimi Benson reacting to his victory at the just concluded poll said “I feel great, I give all thanks to God, I thank my family, my darling wife, I thank the leadership of the party, I thank Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving me this golden opportunity, introducing me to politics, it is a very very good thing for Ikorodu federal constituency for giving me this overwhelming mandate again.”

“The traditional institution stood by me, the journalists also did, the average person on the street, the victory is overwhelming, the affection, I have never seen anything like it,so I am extremely happy, very grateful and emotionally for the ringing endorsement, if you look all around Lagos, Ikorodu have done exceedingly well, I givr thanks to every one for acknowledging our modest efforts and for turning up to vote for us.”

“I thank everyone from the depth of my heart, the reward for hard work is more work, we still have an election in two weeks time and the sixty thousand plus need to rise up to at least a hundred thousand, I know we can do it, so once the Governorship is concluded, it means we have an unbroken chain, because I know Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will also come out Triumphant, likewise Senator Abiru.”

He added “I have won and I believe the Governor and the Assembly will win as well and create that unbroken chain and that broom that symbolizes our party, that is set, Ikorodu will witness the dawn of a new era, as the saying “Ikorodu a di headquarter” Which means Ikorodu will become the headquarter, we are committed to make it possible, We must ensure that we paint Ikorodu APC.”

Hon. Toyin Gafaar, The Ikorodu Division Chairmen, Otunba Olasunkanmi Tijani, Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola, Party Leaders, among other party faithfuls join Rep. Babajimi Benson at the INEC office to felicitate with him.



Rep. Babajimi Benson member House of Representatives, Ikorodu federal constituency expatiate the need to bring more projects to Ikorodu federal constituency in a recent media parley with Ikorodu media forum on the 20th of February, 2023.

According to Rep. Babajimi Benson Chairman House Committee on Defense stated facts on the need to bring more developmental projects to Ikorodu federal constituency.

“A lot of federal constituency you see, have two or three constituencies and this three Local Government is smaller than Ikorodu federal constituency.”

“I believe there is still a lot to bring to the table, particularly when it comes to libraries, universities, there is still a lot to offer. Ikorodu is a very challenging federal constituency as a result of the uniqueness of its size.”

“Ikorodu also has one thousand CDAs. I have been to a constituency that only has a 100CDAs, I have been to a constituency where most of the roads are tiled, in Ikorodu,that doesn’t happen, every body wants democratic dividends,unfortunately the local government we have are also not getting the amount of funds they ought to be getting, you find out that some Local Government that have almost fifteen to sixteen percent infrastructure but still get allocations that is more than local governments without infrastructure at all.”

“There is injustice somewhere, we still need to go back to the drawing tables and rewrite the Local Government funding Local Government in Ikorodu should be getting what they deserve.”

“Those roads we are talking about, the state roads, some of them are Federal Government roads, which is not suppose to be, we still fix them so that Ikorodu federal constituency doesn’t lack behind. That also disturb my vision in doing greater bigger things because the little things are building up to the greater things.”

“If all the Local Government are connected, I believe there is still a lot to bring to the table particularly when it comes to health, investment will come in,health challenges will be minimal,the little things have to be fixed first before the big things, We still need bridges at the sabo area,ogolonto area, Imota rice mill has this will cut down travel time.”

“I believe there is still a lot to bring to the table particularly roads, schools, libraries The greatest benefit that come to Ikorodu federal constituency under my supervision is infrastructure, which I believe we will do more if elected for another term in office.

Rep. Babajimi Benson visits Igbo-Olomu, Itunlayeode, others for voters mobilization ~Ajasa-Info


As part of efforts to gather massive votes in Ikorodu Federal Constituency, Member House of Representatives, representing Ikorodu Federal Constituency, Rep. Babajimi Benson visited different locations for door-to-door campaign ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Jimi Benson visited Itunlayeode to speak to the internal communities in Ikorodu Local Government, Parafa community in Ikorodu North LCDA, Arẹwà community at Sabo, Ikorodu, Ori-okuta and Igbo-Olomu communities in Ikorodu West LCDA respectively.

At the locations, Benson stressed the importance of garnering massive votes from the entire Ikorodu Division, especially for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and other APC candidates in Ikorodu Division.

He promised to work on some of their requests which include the Ori-Okuta road linking Eyita road that has already been accommodated in the 2023 budget, Igbo-Olomu link road, Igbo-Olomu health centre, solar-powered street light, youth empowerment among others.

“The Ori-Okuta road has already been included in the budget, I would not allow the contractor to rest so that work can begin on the project in earnest. The most important for us is to always make our people happy and that is what our party, the All Progressives Congress is known for. “

“I can confidently say that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will make Nigeria better. We need your votes massively for Asiwaju, Sanwoolu, Senator Abiru, my humble self, Jimi Benson, OGA in Ikorodu Constituency I and AMA in Ikorodu Constituency II, he said. “



Rep. Babajimi Benson the Chairman House Committee on Defence doles out 500 food packs tagged as ‘APO ANU’ to constituents in Ikorodu federal constituency, for the February edition of the Program, which took place at the lawmaker Constituency office today, 5th of February.

iCare Foodbank was established on October 16,
2016 by Rep. Babajimi Benson member House of Representatives representing the good people of Ikorodu federal Constituency through his iCare Foundation, It is the first food bank in Nigeria, iCare Foodbank distributes food ingredients monthly to a large numbers of families including elderly people, widows, indigent people and the vulnerable in the society.

Also incorporated into the distribution channel are Community Development Committee, Community Development Associations, traditional institutions, Student bodies, religious organizations and social groups with a direct connection to residents who are vulnerable and in dire need.

The beneficiaries of the Aapo Anu, Pray and laud the efforts of Rep Babajimi Benson for his consistency since 2016 he has been doing this great initiative and other massive projects he has been doing in Ikorodu federal constitueny.



Over 500 residents of Ikorodu Federal Constituency benefitted from a medical outreach organized by iCare Foundation, a foundation of Rep Babajimi Benson, the outreach took place yesterday at the Constituency office of the MHR.

The beneficiaries which include men, women, kids and physically-challenged benefitted from: General health screening and intervention, Dental check, Vision screening with free frame, Free Medication, Health Education, etc.

They appreciate the kind gesture and full of prayers for getting various medical advices on complaints and free drugs dispensed for treatments.

The beneficiaries also pledged their support for the Re-election of Rep. Babajimi Benson to represent them one more time at the national assembly to continue the good work he his doing.



In line with the monthly iCare food bags distribution, iCare Food bank of Rep. Babajimi Benson Chairman House Committee on Defense distributed 1,000 food bags popularly known as Apo Aanu for December edition.
The food bags were distriuted to widows, physically challenged and others in dire need to celebrate the Yuletide in good spirit.

Sir David Sumoni Lagos State University Pro Chancellor commend the good efforts of Rep Babajimi Benson in the past years as the representative of Ikorodu federal constituency.

Bldr. Olusesan Daini Executive Chairman Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA in his remarks “I am glad to witness the monthly APO ANU event, the distribution of food bags to the good people of Ikorodu division this is not a party thing but for everyone living in ikorodu axis of Lagos state, Rep Babajimi Benson is a representative for all and not APC alone”.

He appeals to everyone present at the event to endeavour to vote for all the APC candidates at all levels from the Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and all other APC candidates comes February and March 2023 consecutively.

Mr. Rotimi Erogbogbo Chairman Ikorodu Oga Development Association also commend the efforts of Rep Babajimi Benson having been doing this since 2016, he also use the opportunity to endorse him for another term in office.

He extended his greeting by wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy New year in advance.