One Year In Office: Builder Banjo Holds Symposium on Environmental Discourse affecting First Gate, Odogunyan ~Ajasa-Info

… Builder Deola Banjo compensate citizens affected by flood

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of Builder Deola Banjo as the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA, he decided to come up with something different by bringing his people together to discuss and invite officials that understand these issues from the Government agencies in Lagos State to educate them, The challenges of flooding plaguing the Odogunyan community within Ikorodu North LCDA with the THEME: Biennial Environmental Discourse on Perennial flooding of First gate/Odogunyan and it’s Evirons challenges of flooding plaguing the Odogunyan community within my LCDA has become a worrisome development for me and many discerning minds. The situation has reached a disturbing rate such that I couldn’t have thought of a better way to mark our one year in office than to hinge it on this menace which has rendered many homeless and hopeless.”

In the welcome speech of the Executive Chairman Builder Deola Banjo “The situation is not an unexpected occurrence. It is expected and anticipated if we must tell ourselves the truth. What is more saddening is the fact that it got to this level before we decided to sit ourselves down to brainstorm on ways to nip in the bud the recurrence of such terrible experience.”

“I have seen, heard and watched many heart-breaking videos of properties being destroyed, fence collapsing and in fact loss of life. Sincerely I feel for my people in that axis including the Baale Oduyebo who also lost so much to the flood.”

“I thank the Acting Vice Chancellor of this great institution Dr Nurudeen Oluremi Olaleye for honouring us by accepting to partner with us to take a critical look at this challenge plaguing our people. On behalf of my Executives, legislative arm, management, staff and the good people of Odogunyan I pray may lines continue to fall in pleasant places for you.”

“I am not to give any speech here today as we have competent and highly respected individuals to take us through the topic of the day Global Environmental Challenges, Impact and Solutions.
I only want to set the tone for the discussants by giving us an overview of the situation so that we can appreciate and have a broader perspective to why we are here today.”

“I want to enjoin us to watch this short video clip for appreciation of the problem which is always the first step in problem solving.
I thank you all for your rapt attention.”


The HOD of Urban and Regional planning Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH) highlights reasons behind flooding in the area of first gate and Odogunyan with a pictorial evidence he said these areas where erosion is meant to pass through wasn’t there again because houses has been built on them, whereas erosion has its route that is meant to go through and it will always go through these routes no matter the diversion, that’s why we always experience house collapse and the likes, on this note there is no much solutions than demolition but we never wanted that, advise to the people that just wants acquire land is to ensure you never buy a land meant for erosion in order to avoid the occurrence happening to the people witnessing it in the last few months.

The representative of Drainage Services Mrs. highlights the work the department has carried out in the past years in the area of Ikorodu and she assured that the area of first gate/Odogunyan will not be left out in clearing the drainage for free flow of erosions, she also mentioned displayed the pictorial work going on at the Oba Sekunmade area “In the past few months now we’re working tirelessly to ensure we clear all canals and gutters for free flow of erosions.”

“I’d also advise us not pour dirt in our various drainage all these are the one causing blockage of the drainage which will not allow erosion to go freely, at the end of the day it will damage the road. If you have any complain in your area that you want us to attend to, kindly write to the Ministry of Environment office of Drainage Services, and ensure you write your contact details there because they are lots of letters that people submit which there is no way we can reach them.” she added

Tpl. Fashola the Zonal Head of Ikorodu North and Imota he also buttress the point of building houses on erosion, and the Hon. Commissioner has gave them the directive to visit the affected areas and all these houses are built on the land meant for drainage, all these are the causes of house collapse.

He also said “We have some people that bought just one plot of land which they are supposed to just built within the size of what they bought, but they will expand it on the space that is meant of drainage, we also have some sets of people that go through the backdoor policy to get approval from the Government in order to build their house, just know that in the nearest future the Government are coming to demolish it, let’s ensure we do everything in the right way and we should not acquire land that is meant for erosion.” He concluded

The CDC Chairman Prince Niran Ogunbanwo in his address “As the community leaders in Ikorodu North LCDA we’re trying our best in clearing drainages and canals in our jurisdiction and with the support of the Ministry of Environment, office of the drainage system we’ll achieve more”

Builder Deola Banjo the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA compensated the people that were affected during the last downpour a month back, with a token of money.

In attendance Otunba Sunkanmi Tijani Ikorodu Division APC Chairman, Hon. Adeola Jokomba former Chairman Ikorodu North, The Council Manager, Mrs. Toyin Salau, Alh. Fayas, Alh. Odidi, Hon. Ameen Apanishile Vice Chairman Ikorodu North, Hon. Niyi Odugbesi SLG Ikorodu North, other members of the Executives, The Legislative Arm among others.

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