By: Adamu Abdul Loko

Years back when Oluomo Akanbi Ade Afonja the SSA to the Lagos State Governor on Youth Development floated multiple Tinubu branding projects like an accredited outdoor advertising organization: At a time many least expected he (Tinubu) would one day throw his hat in the ring to contest for the presidency of Nigeria, some of us close to him begin to talk to our selves in bewilderment: did he (Afonja) receive revelation? When did Afonja become Nostradamus! (the man who saw tomorrow).

But come to think of it, in as much as our memories could recollect, back then, the intensity and gravitas at which he put into the projects left none of us in doubt that his resolved aren’t ordinary there are more to it than meets the eye. Bcos to the best of our knowledge of him he’s neither an apostle as describes in the Bible nor one of the disciples of prophet Muhammed through whom WAHY (revelations) were communicated to the rest of the world . We have no options as loyal followers than to keep rolling with him as a leader. Lol and behold, bout 10 to 15 years later or thereabout here is it, Tinubu declared interest to run for the presidency. Take or leave it, Afonja’s early start of watering the grounds of Tinubu’s Presidential interest was unequaled, unmatched and unrivalled and for years on end had in no small measures soften the terrains across board.

However, as if that was not enough, the day Afonja raised his hands with utmost confident to hang Tinubu’s portrait side by side that of Governor Sanwo-olu in his office at ALAUSA (the Lagos State seat of power) few days after the one-way-traffic APC presidential primaries, at the time when the dust of the primaries was yet to settle down further raised our confidence in his foresight that Tinubu’s days in Aso Rock is numbered.

Today Tinubu is not only a President-Elect but with few days to assume office as the 16th president of the United Nigeria full of renewed hope. The day all Nigerian public and private organizations would raise up there hands and hang President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s portrait as an additional national symbol of authority

Wallahi don’t joke with Afonja and his sixth sense.

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