Oldies Appreciation Game and Family Funfair will host her 12th edition of the competition on Saturday 29th of April, in Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA.

According to the Local Organising Committee Chairman Prince Ademola Ogunlewe “This Oldies Appreciation Game was meant to be a full time most of us grew up in this community but as a result of what we do, we don’t see each other again . Can we create a day when we call ourselves together to renew the past memories. Free ourselves from the pressure of making money and feeding our family. We know we need rest and the main objective of this program is to create a get away from our daily activities just for a day. Another reason is family, it goes beyond your family and you but as a community, we need to build ourselves.

Prince Ogunlewe also added that “Amputee football,we all know the special people clamor to get involved, I spoke to the committee members that is there anyway we can bring this people in Playing football is difficult, talk less of amputees. We will not only experience what they are giving us but we will also create a platform for special people in our community, we will be able to relate with this people and start projecting themselves further, this particular work is a responsibility for everyone of us, because we don’t want anyone to be on the street begging.”

“We have people that are amputees that are playing football, let’s bring them in and see how we can promote and project them. I think it is our responsibility as a community and leaders i our own field to project things we don’t have in our communities. Amputees football commission of Nigeria and other S.O will be present in this event. I want to implore us to support this players and the present to cheer them up.”

“This is an opportunity to look into vital things, ask questions and try to proffer solutions. It is stated clearly that we are also using the program to ask questions from the notable members on table. We have included a lot of games on the Invitation card , Ibadan poly association will be fully on ground that day. We have scrabble, Ayo olopon, chess and all. This is the 12th edition and a break of three years. We are building on what we have done in the past. We don’t have a venue yet , we are trying to speak with the Government to make our present venue, UA primary school along this road, and other venues along Igbogbo here an alternative venue. There are other plans to operate on other facilities.

The entry is free for all, we need to involve our Local market, The chairman of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA is the chief host of the event by virtue of that the local government are the owner of the event. I can say it clearly, that the LCDA is trying as much as possible to protect this event and many more so that we can improve our capacity to draw people to the LCDA and be fully involved. If we continue to ask people for fund and not add value to them, they will get tired. We will get our money from participation fee and the little money we get from partnership and this will in the future draw more sponsors.

Mr. Tolulope Faniyi gave an assurance they will be medical facilities available, free tests and the likes but they are still in need of free drugs to cater for the people that will be coming for the free medical checkup at the venue.

Mrs. Williams talked about the Children session “We thought of a way of bringing the kids together , we have different games for them such as bouncing castle, trampoline, swimming pool and mountain climb. We are looking at grading the children according to their age for the games. Clowns, gift packs and souvenirs for the children as well as a first aid in case of any emergencies. Face painting will be available for the kids and a separate Dj and MC for the kids refreshments will be available”


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