Lagos Central Youth Rep. stands with the Nigerian Youth, and against any act of violence ~Ajasa-Info

Fellow Nigerian Youth,

The 2023 general elections pose a major leap in the destiny of our nation with another opportunity to elect our leaders. As young people the current electoral provisions enables us the best opportunities yet, to participate through the ballot and get our voice heard.

I urge you to go out in sacrifice on Saturday 25th February and Saturday 11th March to vote for our preferred candidates, without forcing any hindrence to the participation of other persons.

We may not have gotten it perfectly right in the past, but this and every other opportunity is a chance to make a choice about those we want to lead us.

The President is not the sole leader of the country, hence we should ensure to examine the candidates for the Senate, House of Representatives, Governorship and State Assembly, and vote our choice.

The Nigerian Youth Parliament stands with the Nigerian Youth, and against any act of violence or sabotage that will prevent the will of the people from manifesting.

Vote Peacefully
Vote Rightly

Abdulmumin Edidi
Representative, Lagos Central Senatorial District,
Chairman House Committee on Works and Housing
Nigerian Youth Parliament


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