Alhaja Kareem Khadijah
Asiwaju’s protocol officer

On her Asiwaju’s story.

Alhaja Kareem Khadijat highlighted things people need to know about ASIWAJU and how he made her an important personality in the society.

“The first day i was able to received the benevolence from him was the day he asked for the woman whom had been asking of him for a while now, at first he couldn’t recognized me, but immediately he saw me, he remembered.’

“On of the attributes that made me admire him is that he seldom forget things, no matter how long it is, it sticks in his long term memory.”

“On that faithful day I met with him, he said “ but I had given you councilor” I replied yes but it was collected from me, he felt somehow about my response, then we discussed and cracked some jokes together.”

“More so, on the day of the APC primary election that was held at eagle square in Abuja, that led to the emergence of Asiwaju been the party’s flag bearer, I was on high alert to make sure that the Elections went in the right direction, I could sleep, because our father Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu was not sleeping, even when every other persons went to sleep, he did not sleep.”

“When we became victorious in the primary Election, a lot of people attested that I am a strong lady and a good girl.”

“Meanwhile, to those who are spreading misinformation and fake news about his health status, his is strong, vibrant and healthy, because after going through a rigorous meetings and campaigns, when he gets back, even we the works must have been worn out already, yet he calls for another meetings.”

“At times we leave him and go to bed, thus in the next morning, he might says we are going to Kaduna or Kano and I never for once saw him using drugs or injection, I never came across such with him.”

“Asiwaju is kind and accommodating, and he his fine with anything you give him to eat. He is someone who believes in his God and what he has done in the past.”

“Asiwaju is spontaneous and an orator when it comes to interpersonal communication with people, he does not glimpses at scripts, everything he says is offhand.”

“I see him as someone who feels the pains of the masses, because he was once in that shoes, he is the only one who can lead the nation to the promise land.”

“My journey with Asiwaju is like the journey of a person who came to this earth, in which at first was not able to achieve anything, but with God’s intervention, the person becomes great with a lot of support from people.”

“In the morning, Afternoon and night, come rain come shine, I am and will always be a strong supporter of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and I will never for a second betray him.”


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