Builder Deola Banjo mourns the passing onto glory of Alhaji Akibu Adewunmi the former Executive Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government.

The Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Builder Deola Banjo condoles with the children, family members and the political family of Ikorodu North on the passage of one of our Apex leader and father, Alhaji Akibu Adewunmi who passed on to the great beyond yesterday and has been buried today according to muslim rite.

“There is no need denying the fact that his fatherly wisdom and leadership guidance would be greatly missed as he was a rallying point for us at the ‘Tower of resources’.”

“The fact that he lived a worthy and rich life is a source of consolation for us. He came, he saw and he reached the pinnacle of his career as a politician as the former Executive Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government when it was just one and he was entrusted with so many positions of authority until his death.”

“I have heard at a sermon that one of those who will enter paradise is one who has the grace to die at an old age. I pray almighty Allah in his infinite mercy make our father Alhaji Akibu Adewunmi an inmate of paradise and forgive his shortcomings.”

“I, Builder Deola Banjo on behalf of the Executive members of Ikorodu North, legislators, management, staff and the entire good people of Ikorodu North LCDA wish him eternal rest as he meets with his Lord.”

“Rest on Alhaji, you will fondly be remembered!”

Builder Deola Banjo
Executive Chairman
Ikorodu North LCDA

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