Yesterday, October 5th 2022, the Executive Chairman, Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, Bldr. Olusesan M. Daini hosted stakeholders meeting with CDA Chairmen of joint CDAs zone 8 to discuss issues bordering on the state and maintenance of Hon. Babajimi Benson Road.

Major stakeholders, chairmen of the joint CDAs profusely commend Bldr. Olusesan Daini based his efforts and the initiative to set-up the stakeholders meeting to proffer applicable solutions that will ensure maintenance of the road.

Elder Adebisi Dairo, Mr. Babatunde (Desleek), Prince Adesegun Oyefusi, Pop James Alabi, and Mr. Akeem Adesanya spoke on behalf of the joint CDAs, the stakeholders lamented the worsen state of the road when it rains, stating that the roads gutters are blocked because neighbors dispose dirt in the gutters. They said the road requires new focus entirely from the government; and that the axis requires coordinated services of LAWMA.

They stressed the importance of government based enforcement to ensure compliance from the neighbors in the axis. They said the people can be stiff-necked when they are told not to carryout activity that can block the road’s gutters and drainages as well as destroying the road; so the best way to make people comply and desist from activities that undermines the maintenance principles of the road is involvement of enforcement from the LCDA.

They further explained that maintenance committee was set-up when the road was commissioned but lack enforcement capacity which renders the activities of committee non-effective.

They also re-echoed the urgent need for clearing of gutters of the road; he said the joint CDAs will evacuate dirt and sands from the gutter while the government pick-ups the dirt and sands with truck.

They said, the joint CDAs doubtless require services of the LCDA’s environmental officers and/JTFs to enforce patronages of LAWMA in the axis.

Mr. Akeem Adesanya, the Council Manager addressed the stakeholders, commending the ingenuity of the executive Chairman, efforts of the Council officials and joint CDAs to make sure that the Babajimi Benson road’s original standard is maintained and other environmental issues are resolved.


The Executive Chairman responded in his speech said that the video that emanated from Hon. Babajimi Benson was a wake-up to all of us to double our efforts and ensure that the road is not destroyed by the neighbors and road users.

He also said most of the stakeholders’ requests had been repeatedly carried out along the road by the LCDA’s environmental department and JTF.

He said, series of understudy and investigations had been done on the road by Supervisor Councilors for Environment, Civic Engagements, and Tourism, even by humble myself (the Executive Chairman), then followed-up by enforcements to ensure that the road is maintained but more work still have to be done.

The Chairman also said, the government will work in unison with the CDAs on the area of enforcement based on the government’s standard of engagements.

The government will however not just deliver the JTF to the CDAs to avoid abused use of power.

He further said Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA will expose the original nature of the newly constructed road by evacuate dirt and sand from the gutter then picked-up with truck.

He added MD of LAWMA will be officially written for official focus of their activities along the road.

He at the same time noted that the LCDA will as a matter of urgency fix the drainage problem along Oreyo axis.

_He further stated that joint CDAs need to write LCDA, stating the above mentioned requests for proper documentation for coordinated actions._

The Chairman then announced that Zone 8 CDA’s arc signage has been contracted to a professional and will be erected soon.

In attendance was the Vice Chairman, Hon Nuraini Okedina-Maja. Hon. Akeem Solawon, Councilor representing Ward C2. Hon. Adewale Bolowotan, Supervisor councilor for Civic Engagement and Strategy. Hon. Wahid A. Yusuf, Supervisor for Works. Lateef Odusanya, Supervisor for Planning, Budget and Statistics/ Information Communication Technology. Hon. Wasiu Olowu, Supervisor for Tourism and Special Duties. Mrs Mariam Obayomi, supervisor for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development. Hon. Dawuda Oshilaja, Supervisor for Environment and Waste Management. Hon. Yinka Ogunlaja Special Adviser on Primary Healthcare. Hon. Micheal Babatunde Ayeni, Supervisor for Agric,Youth and Sport. Also in attendance was Council Engineer, Engr. Segun Orelesi. HOD, Agric department, Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Imam.

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