Builder Deola Banjo the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA in his usual way of putting smile on his people’s face he extend his (OWO IFE BANJO) known as HAND OF LOVE to 50 people from ward E3, Agbala in Ikorodu North LCDA.

In the remarks of The Hon. Adeniran Adeyemi ward E3 Councillor “My Good Chairman has been doing this across the wards in his administration and today is the turn of my ward, which I have the privilege to monitor the benefactors of this empowerment”.

“Infact my expectation is that the Chairman will postpone the empowerment for this month due to some reasons but not until he called me that it’s the turn of my ward so I need to go out and look for people that are in needy and have small scale business that they engaged themselves with.

“I thank God that I was picked and select the best people for this empowerment and I believe if this set of people utilize the money in a better way the Chairman will continue his Empowerment to the people of Ikorodu North.”

Adeniran make it clear to everyone that the Chairman is trying all his possible best to make sure his community is one of the best and he can’t do it alone, that is why everybody needs to join hands together to work with him which he listed the achievement of the Chairman: Empowerment, Building of Police post, Revenue Bus, E-payment launching, Drainage among others.

In the remarks of the Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA Builder Deola Banjo “I appreciate everyone of you for showing up at this program, though the money we want to give you might not be enough but I will implore you the benefactors of this program you should make sure the money is used on your various business”


“The reason I am doing this is I am not happy with what the people were facing and it’s not only in our Country but everywhere around the world so this prompt me to empower my people with the little way i can, and I believe my administration will keep doing the good deed for the people.”

“We don’t select people based on party or tribe, we picked randomly and I prayed this money will change the there life after using the money for there business” He added

The Supervisor for Information Hon. Sulaimon in his remarks he encouraged the beneficiaries to spend the money for the purpose of the program and he promised that the chairman will continue doing his best to satisfy the people he is representing.

The benefactor also appreciate the chairman and his team for what they did for them and they also promise to make sure they will use the money for the purpose of why empower them.

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