The Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, Ikeja Division started their weekend with the graduation of participants in their Youth Empowerment Project.

The empowerment program with Youth Moral Rectitude and Empowerment Initiative started with over one hundred and twenty youths in Lagos State.

For the last six weeks, these youths have been exposed to varying skills which included catering, paint making, make-up and gele tying among others.

Aside from the experienced instructors, the participants have been subjected to tests within the six weeks to make sure that they understood everything they had been taught.

The final examination came up last Friday and judges and the sponsors were there to witness the youths showcase their knowledge.

It was not just about learning the skills, there were entrepreneurial and marketing sessions to teach the participants how to maximise their business, challenges that they may encounter and how to overcome them.

One of the participants who is a student of the University of Ilorin and affected by the ongoing ASUU strike said ” While there is nothing I can do to stop the strike, I am glad that I took this opportunity to develop myself and get productive by learning catering. This past week has been exciting and I am looking forward to doing more for myself with the skills learnt”.

The empowerment project included a range of youths above the age of sixteen. The students are affected by the ongoing strike or just finished secondary school, or recently graduated.

Thanks to the Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, these youths have a skill that can be monetized. They are empowered.

They graduated today, the 5th of August. Participants who completed the six weeks of intense skill acquisition were certified by the Lagos State Government (Ministry of Youth and Social Development) and the Youth Moral Rectitude and Empowerment Initiative.

When the team lead, Onike-Azeez Aminat was asked about the purpose of the empowerment project, she said “Investment in people yields the greatest reward, the Ikeja team is honoured to be part of these people’s journey, We hope that they will do great things with the skills acquired.”


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