Akinola Tomiwa Hosts a Drug-free Campaign Workshop #Carringtonyouthweek in partnership with Lagos State Youth Ambassadors (Ikeja Division) ~Ajasa-Info


By Akinola Tomiwa

Together we can build a drug-free nation!!

To commemorate the 2022 United Nations International Youth Day, I organized a drug free campaign during the #carringtonyouthweek in partnership with Lagos State Youth Ambassador( Ikeja Division) at Abesan Youth Centre Alimosho Lagos which was attended by young teenagers between Age 12-19.

Substance abuse is a global issue and it’s very important to play our roles individually and collectively to put an end to the illicit use of drugs among youths in order to have a sane society.

Subtance abuse has destroyed the lives of many youths over the years and according to the 2019 world drug report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) some 35 million people are estimated to suffer from drug use disorder.

I must celebrate the young teenagers for being agents of change and for being part of the program. Also, I implored them to raise this awareness in their respective communities and among their friends.

A drug-free Nation is possible



The Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, Ikeja Division started their weekend with the graduation of participants in their Youth Empowerment Project.

The empowerment program with Youth Moral Rectitude and Empowerment Initiative started with over one hundred and twenty youths in Lagos State.

For the last six weeks, these youths have been exposed to varying skills which included catering, paint making, make-up and gele tying among others.

Aside from the experienced instructors, the participants have been subjected to tests within the six weeks to make sure that they understood everything they had been taught.

The final examination came up last Friday and judges and the sponsors were there to witness the youths showcase their knowledge.

It was not just about learning the skills, there were entrepreneurial and marketing sessions to teach the participants how to maximise their business, challenges that they may encounter and how to overcome them.

One of the participants who is a student of the University of Ilorin and affected by the ongoing ASUU strike said ” While there is nothing I can do to stop the strike, I am glad that I took this opportunity to develop myself and get productive by learning catering. This past week has been exciting and I am looking forward to doing more for myself with the skills learnt”.

The empowerment project included a range of youths above the age of sixteen. The students are affected by the ongoing strike or just finished secondary school, or recently graduated.

Thanks to the Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, these youths have a skill that can be monetized. They are empowered.

They graduated today, the 5th of August. Participants who completed the six weeks of intense skill acquisition were certified by the Lagos State Government (Ministry of Youth and Social Development) and the Youth Moral Rectitude and Empowerment Initiative.

When the team lead, Onike-Azeez Aminat was asked about the purpose of the empowerment project, she said “Investment in people yields the greatest reward, the Ikeja team is honoured to be part of these people’s journey, We hope that they will do great things with the skills acquired.”

Hon. Femi Saheed Receives in Audience the Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, Ikeja Division ~Ajasa-Info

Lagos State Youth Ambassador Ikeja Division, in their visit to the Lagos State House of Assembly to meet representatives of Ikeja Division, this made them to visit Hon. Femi Saheed member Lagos State House of Assembly representing Kosofe Constituency 2, yesterday 17th of March, 2022.

The Lawmaker welcome them to his office with open arms, Hon. Femi Saheed appreciates the Ambassadors for visiting him in his office, and he urge them to be of good behavior.

He lecture them on good Governance “People like you should join a political party and get yourself involved in politics, because Nigeria needs change makers like you to move this country to the next level.

Obafemi Awolowo, Olusegun Obasanjo, They all started as a youth and they did well in Governance without any regret, that is why you don’t need to shy away from taking the mantle of leadership role.

Sighting another successful Human Manager is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who has worked in the private sector and as a successful Treasurer at International company of Mobil, even the board members were advising him to stay back when he tender his letter of resignation, for leaving for politics in Nigeria.

In conclusion Hon. Femi Saheed commend the efforts of Ambassadors for being part of the few Youths in the country that are doing the right thing and commend them to do more.

The team lead of the Lagos State Youth Ambassador Ikeja Division Onike-Azeez Aminat appreciate the Honourable member for a wonderful word of advice, and also for accepting to receive them in his office, she lists out the projects they have carried out since their assumption August 2021, The projects goes thus.

– World Clean Up Day in 4 locations across the State
-Environmental Sanitation and Sensitization across the 8 local Government under Ikeja Division
-We volunteered with the Lagos State volunteer corps for their tree planting and clean up project across the state
-Commemoration of the World Mental Health Day with an online campaign for awareness
-Commemoration of the International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls with a 4 days campaign
-Commemoration of the international security day with a Zoom lecture on the roles of youths in the elimination of cyber insecurity in Nigeria
Cloth Drive
-Save the boy child which comprises of Mentorship, Counselling, Empowerment, School to School Outreach

Hon. Femi Saheed was amazed with these massive projects and he promised to support them in subsequent ones.

Lagos Youth Ambassadors Ikeja Division: International Computer Security Day ~Ajasa-Info

The Lagos Youth Ambassadors Ikeja Division having seeing the challenges faced as a results of cyber insecurity held a zoom conference 30th November to commemorate the
“International computer security day with the theme: Do your part be cyber smart

The Guest Speaker Mr. Sheriff Adekoya who’s a digital expert and a data analyst charge all the youths in attendance to be cyber smart and should be conscious of the way they handle their social media platforms. He also emphasized on the critical roles the youths need to play to ensure cyber security in Nigeria

Computer Security Day is an annual event and is celebrated on the 30th November each year. It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security.

This day is celebrated to create awareness of computer security issues and uplift people to secure the personal information stored on their computers. It is an unofficial holiday to check the basic security of your personal computer and protect all your data from ransomware viruses, identity theft etc.

The day brings together IT security professionals to share experiences, gain knowledge and build understanding to safeguard their most valuable data and assets.

Growing dependence on cyberspace for commerce, communication, governance, and military operations has left society vulnerable to a multitude of security threats. Mitigating the inherent risks associated with the use of cyberspace poses a series of thorny public policy problems.

Towards checkmating the increasing wave of insecurity by bandits, insurgents, financial fraudsters, cyber crimes and kidnappers through hacking and interception of modern communications outlets which is costing the nation huge losses, The Lagos State Youth Ambassadors, Ikeja division held a zoom conference, 30th November, 2021 to commemorate the “International computer security day with the theme:  Do your part, be cyber smart!

The Guest Speaker Mr. Sheriff Adekoya who is a digital expert and a data analyst  charge all the youths in attendance to be cyber smart and should be conscious of the way they handle their social media platforms. He also emphasized on the critical roles the youths need to play to ensure  cyber security in Nigeria