Youth Charged to shun cultism, as NYCN Ikorodu West held After Ileya Get Together ~Ajasa-Info

The youths of Ikorodu West gathered at the resident of the Coordinator of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ikorodu West Local Branch; Comr Asoro Abubakri Olatunji on Sunday to mark it second edition of After Ileya Get Together. The Super for Youth; at the event commend the youths in Ikorodu West for it activities which he said has continued to receive commendationd from all quarters, he assured the youths of the continued support of the Chairman; Hon Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju FCA FCTI while enjoining them to continue to sustain the peace in Ikorodu West by shunning cultism and all other social vices. On his part, on Hon Daisi Batife; the Majority Leader of Ikorodu West legislative chamber commend the youth council for it impactful and innovative ideas while praying that the momentum be sustained. Comr Muyideen Yusuf who is the Super for Agric/ Chieftaincy and immediate past Coordinator of the branch task the youth on selfless service which he said accounted for his present status. Hon Julius Tejumaiye (Councilor Ward D) on his part offered prayers for the youth believing that the sky is the beginning of many great things that the youth stand to benefit if it doesn’t loose focus.

The Coordinator on his part appreciated the Guests for honouring the youths with their presence, he noted that they have remained an inspiration and the get together is borne out of the need to set aside a time in the middle of the year to appreciate the youths for staying through to it cause. He noted that the aim of the youth council is to keep and carry every youth along under the umbrella of youth council as provided by the National Youth policy irrespective of religious and political background. He noted further that the youth council is like a mother to all youth divides and it must at all time protect and ensure that they have a united interest.

Others at the event include party youth leaders, Heads of Religious Youth Organizations, Heads of Voluntary Youth Organizations, Executives of NYCN Ikorodu West and many other youths.

In an appreciation message personally signed by the Coordinator, he appreciated the Chairman who he said “his Sallah gift accounted for the because of this event”, he further thanked him for youth inclusion in governance which he said accounted for the monetary give back of the appointees to ensure the success of the program. He prayed the Chairman to continue to consider youths “in subsequent appointments” which he said “means more dividend of democracy to the youth.

Certificate of affiliation was presented to two organizations (Abi Igi Anu Youths and Royal Rangers, Ikorodu West Command) who have completed their affiliation process.

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