The APC Ikorodu Division Youth Leaders meet to dialogue the way forward of the Youths in the division, also preach unity among the youths in the party at the Divisional level.

Comr. Babatunde Oyesanya T.O.D, Ikorodu Divisional Youth Leader welcome and appreciate all youth leaders present, He highlights all the plans in the pipeline for instance hosting a divisional town hall meeting with all APC aspirants.

Comr. Chima, talked about opening a WhatsApp platform comprises of all LGA and ward youths leader in Ikorodu division.


Alhaji Sowemimo, suggested the need to lists all plans to be done before the primaries.

Comr. Kazeem Animashaun, advice the gathering to be sincere withe themselves most especially the leaders.

Comr. Olowoake Oluwatoyin, complaints about members not feeling some public office holder impact within the division since they emerged.


Mr. Ojerinde Kehinde, advice the leadership to lobby for automatic employment slots for the youths of the party whenever the opportunity comes up.

Comr. Ramota Lawal Omotayo, complaint about the exclusion of youth leaders in the delegates list for the presidential primaries.

Comr. Mustapha, the deputy divisional Youth Leader, assured us to be calm because most of the concerns raised is been taken care of by the divisional youth leaders in their earlier meeting with the state youth leader at acme. And also-ran advise us to respect the youth leadership structure.

Comr. T.O.D Oyesanya (Divisional Youth), responded to the complaints and He talked on the date to meet the political office holder in the division

He said further he will only relate with youth leaders that are participating at the divisional level going forward.

He promised to work on resolutions agreed upon for greater achievements, which includes bringing our national youth leader Hon Dayo Isreal for visitation in Ikorodu division.

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