Lekan Shonibare expressed appreciations to Epe community with donations to the orphanage home and also received appreciation From MEDICAL SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT, GENERAL HOSPITAL, EPE.

“I thank God for given me the strength during the period of consultations in past months.”

“To all executive members of our great party APC in Epe, notable leaders that have consulted am grateful for your advice and every support in moving the party forward”

“I will like to specially thank Alh Shakiru Seriki Bamu for his sincerity contribution in moving Epe and fatherly advice, I appreciate the people of Epe that show support in canvassing for a new beginning of progress, I am indeed grateful let’s not forget APC, is one big family, despite the political brouhaha that always arise in the primary, I must thank our incumbent LAHA member with unreserved accolades, sir, you are just like father to me and I will do just like a good son, also mr Segun Agbaje , sir I don’t know how this might look to you but this is from the bottom of my heart you are indeed a leader for you all to allow me take the victory.”

“And to all community leaders I can’t thank you less , I am promising each and everyone of you in the entire constituents that I will lead you right, I assure everyone that all benefit from the state government will circulate across the constituents.”

“Let’s keep supporting Lekan Shonibare the rebirth of Epe for development and progress.”


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