The national Executives meeting with the Commissioner for transportation, Dr Frederic Oladehinde at the state Office ministry of transportation Alausa Ikeja.

The meeting commence at exactly 11:30am in attendance is the permanent Secretary to the Commissioner Mr Kamar Olowosago the Ikorodu born Outstanding leader.

The president of the association Comrade,Kuti Damilare Opeyemi introduced the Executives to the Hon Commissioner and bring forth the agenda, starting from the challenges facing the association which includes familiarization and most importantly financial stability and also inform the Commissioner of Our Upcoming program which is the chess and Scrabble competition which is Aimed at promoting and foster the relationship of every Student in Ikorodu Division and Lagos State as a whole

and why we need the Hon Commissioner to intervene in ordering to promote the aims and objectives of the association.

In response to the Agenda and from the permanent Secretary, Mr Kamar Olowosago asked if the Association is a registered Association and also sighted an example of the challenges he face while he was trying to run such association in the years 1993.

The Executives then respond positively to his question and he suggested that if that should be the case,the Executives should yeast well with the Indigenous groups and Association in Ikorodu in order to re-tap from them sighting example of the progressive IDRDG, and advise the association should relate with them and also familiarize with with the Kabiyesi the (Ayangburen of Ikorodu), the legislative from Ikorodu should not be left out,the likes of Commissioners from Ikorodu, and other agency that can support the Association and also help in project execution, in order to be engage with people,as this can help in reducing the stress from the association and give room for more progress.

The Hon Commissioner requested for the association constitution, Objectives to be submitted Officially so that the ministry can open a file for the Association and look into the affairs subsequently.

A budget of the upcoming program was presented and the commissioner pledge support.

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