For the umpteenth attempt in ensuring children in hard to reach areas are not left behind with the requisite knowledge needed to fight the monstrous “Child Sexual Abuse”, Smileandshine Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at preventing child sexual abuse and  providing emergency care and support to victims and those at risk visited Makoko last weekend to intensify awareness and advocacy on child sexual abuse.

In an interview with Newsmen at the event, Dr Nimi Ekere, Founder Smileandshine Foundation, a medical doctor, a Consultant Family Physician, author and child advocate said;

“Most children in hard to reach areas are not given enough attention. It was so obvious from the look on their eyes that they needed our intervention. A lot of them don’t even know what sexual abuse is. Some of them think that exchanging their tray of oranges for sex is very okay and normal and their parents don’t think differently too.

“Most of the children in these communities do not go to school. They do not have access to the internet, knowledge and modern facilities. As such, they have little or no knowledge of child sexual abuse, prevention and effects.

“It is our mission at Smile and Shine Children’s Foundation to prevent Child Sexual Abuse. One of such ways is by providing enough information and education and  also providing the much needed support and care to victims and those at risk.

In her remark sharing the overview of her experience in Makoko, Nimi said the living condition of the people in Makoko Community is absolutely deplorable and unfit to be inhabited by human beings.

“No human being is supposed to live in such germ infested, polluted and unhealthy environment, surrounded by dirty stagnant water without the basic amenities of life.

“The people of Makoko are human beings like you and I and deserve the basic amenities of life.

“I’m calling on the government, corporate organisations and individuals to please come to the aid of these children and their parents.

“No child can thrive in such an unhealthy environment”. Dr Nimi asserted.

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