Hon Nurudeen Saka Solaja, Chairman, Public Account Committee, Representing Ikorodu Constituency II at Lagos State House of Assembly has facilitates Free Bursary and Scholarship Award for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students in Ikorodu Constituency II which consists of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA, Ijede LCDA and Imota LCDA.

“According to the Chairman Public Account Committee he said, The Lagos State Government intend to give out some cash base on bursay and and I Dem it fit it is better for me obtain form for my constituent and facilitate so that they can get part of what the state government intend to do, but based on this we have two categories of the award which is Bursay and Scholarship Bursay is for every students in Lagos State High Institution whether public or private”.

“While Scholarship is based on your CGPA if you have above 3.5 automy you’re qualified for scholarship, also people doing post graduate that is Masters and PhD they also have opportunity for scholarship and their own money is 300,000 to 400,000 while if you are in high institutions so far you’re an indigene, while for high Institutions 200,000”.

“Today we’ve given them the criteria for any students to qualify if you fill the form, we’ll coalate it and give them the form today and the form will be submitted tomorrow unfailingly”.

“My advice to them you can see someone will collect 50k some 30k and you’re admitted same day and sat for same exam, while some will be receiving 200k why can’t you upgrade yourself to be at upper level so that you’ll be receiving 200k and go ahead to do your Masters in as much the Lagos State Government is ready to support on yearly basis”.

Hon. Sholaja also advised the parents “they need to encourage their children, so that the issue of cultism, we’ll eliminate it.”

“Since my assumption in 2015, we’ve sponsored GCE and JAMB Concurrently, are our core program for the students, also we’ve done computer training, we support them in terms of cash, that we perceived are doing well”.

Hon. Sholaja concluded “Apart from GCE, JAMB and other students Program, I’ve facilitated admissions for students in higher Institutions, also employments for my constituents through my representive as the member House of Assembly.”

Requirement for the Scholarship and Bursary Award:

(I) Applicant must have gained full time admission into a tertiary Institution.

(II) Applicant must be a bonafide indigene of Ikorodu Constituency II (by paternity).

(III) Applicants must be able to present the following documents to ascertain the genuineness of their claims like:

  1. Evidence of indigeneship from:-
    (a) An Oba and
    (b) Local Government Council
  2. Current Admission Letters.
  3. Student’s Identity Card.
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Academic Certificates obtained
  6. JAMB result slip
  7. Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA) identification card of the applicant
  8. Photocopy of current academic result (for scholarship applicant only)
  9. Any other relevant documents.

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