Barr. Moyosore Ogunlewe the APC Chairmanship candidate in Kosofe LG greets the people of his constituency and Nigeria on Democracy Day in a press release which goes thus:

“I join the good people of Kosofe and Nigerians today in celebrating the day on which democracy and civilian rule were restored.”

“Buhari’s decision to recognize 12 June as Democracy Day should be viewed as an attempt to placate the South Western Nigerian State, which has always set aside the day to remember Abiola’s stolen mandate via an annulled election that many still view as the country’s freest and fairest in the history of Nigeria and democracy.”

“In Nigeria, as in so many of our countries, the right for all citizens to enjoy equal participation in the democratic process was achieved after considerable struggle and suffering. We remember and celebrate all those who sacrificed so much for the freedom we enjoy today.”

“The struggle to achieve democracy gives it a special value and places responsibility on all of us to support the democratic process. I congratulate Nigeria on its progress since 1999, including the first peaceful transition of power from a ruling party to an opposition party in 2015. As we celebrate our progress, we encourage and support Nigeria and its people to consolidate and deepen democracy as the country heads towards important elections this year and 2023.”

“Our concern as partners in Nigeria is to see a process that is free, fair and inclusive. We are particularly keen to see greater participation in politics from under-represented groups, including women, young people and people with disabilities.”

“Democracy is not only about the voting process. It also requires a strong and ongoing commitment from political actors to uphold the democratic ideals. I have noted with concern recent reports of violence, intimidation and corruption, both within parties and between parties. I take advantage of this national celebration of democracy to urge all political parties to maintain Nigerian and international norms and support a credible process. It is the fundamental right of the Nigerian people to freely express their will now and in the forthcoming elections.”

“As we mark this year’s democracy day, let us remember some of our fellow citizens that laid down their lives. Let us remember those that paid ultimate sacrifice before the country’s democracy was stabilized.”

“A better Nigeria is our common goal, and its realization requires collective efforts.”

Happy Democracy Day!

God bless Kosofe
God bless Lagos-State
God bless Nigerian

Barrister Moyosore Adedoyin Ogunlewe
APC Chairmanship Candidate (Kosofe Local Government)

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