•••••CAN Iba LCDA Declared Him As Their Only Candidate

.•••••••The Muslim Community In Their Numbers Singled Him Out As The Best Amongst The Aspirants For Iba LCDA Chairmanship

•••••••••Artisans (LASCOTA) Iba LCDA Named Him Their Choice For Iba LCDA Chairman

•••••••••Ndigbo Iba LCDA With Their Obis And Ezes Unanimously Affirmed They Unflinching Support For Him

•••••••••••The Deaf Association Troupe Out Enmasss To Identify The Masses Choice

•••••••The Students’ Support Group For Abila 2021 Reiterated The Full Endorsement

The Affirmation of Support and Endorsement for the leading aspirant and the masses choice for the Chairmanship position of Iba LCDA 2021, Hon. Yisa Abiola Jubril (Abila) commenced with special prayers from Imam Najimdeen Aminullahi , the representative of the President, League of Chief Imams and Alfas in Iba LCDA,
Secretary, League of Imam and Alfas Iba LCDA & Chief Imam Agboroko Town (in Muslim way) and Superior Evangelist Mathias Seffon Vice Chairman, CAN Iba LCDA (in Christian way).

The All Progressives Congress (APC) leading Aspirant in IBA LCDA Chairmanship race {Hon. Yisa Jubril Abiola} on Saturday 22nd of May, 2021, in Èsá (open space), Iba Town, received open affirmation of support and endorsement of his candidature from the populace, for the May 29 Primary election.

Speaking at the rally, the Director General of the Yisa Abiola Jubril Campaign organization (YAJCO) Pa Kayode Tokunbo appreciated the huge crowd, referencing the apt attitude of the rave of the moment been an humble, respectful, generous and a man of high sense of integrity as his selling points.

Still speaking, he urge all party members to be punctual at the primaries to deliver the mandate for Hon. Abila come Saturday 29/05/2021.

Goodwill messages and words of affirmation of support and endorsement were given by notable ethnics, religious, students and political groups present, the first speaker was Rev. Mrs Nissi Esther, the CAN Iba LCDA Chairman, stating that all Christians within IBA LCDA are strongly behind the people’s choice Hon. Yisa Jubril Abiola p.k.a {ABILA} and will use their membership cards to deliver their promise.

on behalf of the Ndigbos, High Chief Petakwa Okwuchi {Onowu Ndigbo of Iba LCDA} also affirmed the Igbo’s support for Hon. Abila as a payback for recognition he gave to the Igbos and the unity he has masterminded amidst the group while in office as the Sole Administrator of the Local Government.

HRH Zakariyahu Attah Udomo {ONU IGALA of Iba LCDA} gave good testimony about Hon. Yisa Jubril Abiola, “His a dynamic leader, a God fearing leader who always think about the less privilege, he has distinguished himself in all ramifications”, Speaking further, he mentioned that all his members present and the once at home have their party membership cards and they have all unanimously agreed to give their mandate to Abila.
In his words “I guarantee Three Hundred (300) votes and nothing less from the Igala people for Hon. Yisa Jubril Abiola p.k.a ABILA

Many other notable groups including the Students’ Support Group {LASU}, Mr Bernard Idowu for LASCOTA, Representative from the Parliament Group, AREWA for ABILA, Iba Housing Estate Parliament, Communities Leaders, DEAF Association.

As a man of the people, who believe in action rather than phantom promises, Hon. Abila activated his plan for discovery and support for talented populace of Iba LCDA as Notable young Fuji talent and hip hop young artists were discovered as they performed their tracks which they voluntarily donated for Hon. Yisa Jubril Abiola aspiration

There were lots of entertainment via sounds and local drums from the Igbo group (Öghènè, Arewa group, Sakara beats from the Yoruba’s and Brigade band set as the crowd huge crowd were treated with sonorous songs and dance.

As a grassroot and experienced progressive politician, the choice of Èsa open space of Iba town is strategic and a prologue to the victory of people’s choice as we countdown to the party’s primary.



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