In a media parley set up by Aarebirin Honorable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba to flag off her campaign as she joins the race to become the next Chairman of Ikorodu local government on the 18th of May 2021.

The woman leader (who doubles as the Vice Chairman Ikorodu Local Government and National Coordinator Yoruba Women Council Worldwide) made know her agenda and strategies to foster growth and development in Ikorodu local government if she emerged Chairman.

“My Projections is tagged the Ikorodu Project for obvious reasons. Indeed, it is our
collective responsibility to take Ikorodu as our personal and collective project, our
dream Ikorodu and its ‘prophetic’ potential of becoming a ‘headquarter’ is Possible.
If Ikorodu is a project, it then means we must form a formidable team of passionate,
optimistic and committed partners to make the dream of our heroes’ past become
reality. I’m a strong believer in the words of Mattie Stepanek, ‘Unity is strength” Aarebirin Honorable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

“When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!
The Ikorodu project can only be achieved with your support, partnership and valuable
contribution. I hereby solicit your help and support for us to jointly birth the Ikorodu
local government of our dreams. Welcome to MY IKORODU; YOUR IKORODU; AND, OUR IKORODU!”

“I am running for the Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government in the elections slated for June/July 2021. I am from Ikorodu and of the
Christian faith. I am driven by my passion for Ikorodu and commitment to good governance, better life and socio-political tolerance”

“Throughout my educational pursuits and professional career I have held positions that demanded service to others and to the society at large. In all instances, I have always
given my all and delivered to the best of my ability”

My ‘Vision
To make Ikorodu a clean, secure, more prosperous with a robust economy built on
service, equity and justice.

My ‘Mission
Develop tourism through the provision of the necessary infrastructure and facilities to
make Ikorodu one of the most welcoming places to tourists and foreigners. Prioritise
economic growth and development for all; where every one has equal access to jobs,
regardless of sex, gender, religion, age or physical conditions. Pursue increased
community cohesion and civic identity through participation in social, political and
cultural spheres.

Provide adequate safety and effective security of lives and property. Focus on equitable distribution of wealth, benefits and reduction in poverty with the attendant incidence of slums. Create a Community that protects the rights of all.

Improve urban living, productivity, mobility and connectivity through the provision of
adequate physical and social infrastructure.
Propagate human rights protection and sustainable development. Create an Ikorodu of clean air and safe streets for leisure and business; to ensure a society of prosperity, equity, fairness, justice and the rule of law.

My ‘MESSAGE’ ACCOUNTABILITY: Embrace the three tenets of Probity, Accountability and Transparency (P.A.T)
GOVERNANCE: Focus on delivering good governance to our people across all sectors
of the economy and strata of the society. Continue to build a better and just society,
a society where hardwork and honesty are rewarded, where equity and justice prevails
where the gap between the rich and the poor give way to the provision of equal
opportunities to all, and where no segment of the society develops at the expense of others.
OPPORTUNITY: Provide opportunities and possibilities for all citizens irrespective of
gender, ethnicity, educational background, religious affiliation or physical conditions.
Build a society where steady economic growth occurs, where the government and our academic institutions enter a new era of understanding and cooperation.
SERVICE: Commit to selfless service in all spheres of life; in our offices, schools, hospitals, shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, roads etc. offer services that meet the
standards and expectations of today’s world.

Our immediate and future task is to make Ikorodu work for everyone. This is a task
that we have committed ourselves to attaining in the next four years by focusing on the following: Security, Economy, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Social Welfare and Good Governance.


We will boost our community Security Fund to scale up the successes recorded so far.
In addition, our government will embark on the acquisition of the latest advanced
security communications technology that will track and monitor the daily activities of
our community (Ikorodu).
With our bursary and scholarship, initiatives for tertiary institutions, we will
encourage the private sector to partner with government in this regard as part of
their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We will also deepen skills acquisition through technical and vocational training to create capacity for our informal sector.
We will introduce free medical care for our children from birth to age six. Healthcare
will also be free for pregnant women, including both pre-natal and ante-natal care,
while our senior citizens will also enjoy free healthcare from sixty-five years onwards.
We will improve on the quality of Primary Healthcare system and make it more
accessible, thereby reducing the overdependent on our general hospitals.
Opening up the virtually untapped aquatic and seafood resources in Ikorodu. We will
provide incentives for agricultural processing companies, thereby providing employment for our bulging youth population.
We will increase the avenues to showcase our distinct and diverse Ikorodu culture and
traditions through the establishment of museums and heritage centres. In order to
make our Ikorodu a tourism destination in Africa, we will also develop our waterfront
by providing recreational facilities and encourage investors to invest more in tourism
infrastructure. Our unique cultural heritage will be promoted and enhanced to attract
tourists globally. This will also create a secondary market for job creation. We will
create community sport centres to encourage our youth development.
We will make Ikorodu the hub of entertainment and arts in Africa. We will provide grants to producers in the movie and music industries to encourage growth in the
sectors. We will partner with the entertainment industry to develop sustainable
structures and frameworks to support interested and upcoming youth.
We will pursue a fully integrated transport management system that takes into
consideration roads, water and walkways as means of mobility for ease of movement
of residents in the city centres and the suburbs. We will introduce and establish
officially designated bus stops/routes in Ikorodu. We will improve on traffic with
construction of new roads and maintaining existing ones, as well as placing directional
signs in strategic places. We will also increase the usage of our waterways through
channeling and dredging.
INFRASTRUCTURE We will ensure the provision of good and motorable roads across Ikorodu, excellent
by-passes, traffic intersections, public and amusement parks, and ensure that all public
institutions and facilities are of the highest standards and quality.

“My objective appraisal of the current state of affairs of the key sectors that are supposed to drive socio-economic development in the Local Government with serious feelings of disconcertion which no doubt calls for serious and deliberate actions. As such and in recognition of the need to place the LGA on the right trajectory of development, we have articulated a Development Agenda that would enable the Local Government move forward from the present challenges and launch into the desirable future we all dream about”

“And my Ikorodu Project Agenda rest squarely on the Five Pillars of Health, Education, Infrastructure, Youth & Women Empowerment and Security”

“I hereby declare my readiness to serve Ikorodu Local Government and its people as Chairman, with courage, forthrightness, clarity of purpose, integrity and dedication. I hope to continue in the great strides of our indelible compatriots, whose courageous, visionary and remarkable leadership laid a solid foundation for Ikorodu and continue to inspire us all to make even better” Aarebirin Honorable Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Added

The Media Parley saw agencies from within and outside Ikorodu Division including; The IMPACT, Mega Expression, News Agency Of Nigeria, Trixx Tv, Clips TV, Radio Lagos FM, Paparazzi News amongst others.

Credit: INN

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