Amidst the unrest and Violence in some areas across Ikorodu Division, The Coordinator of Ikorodu News Network (INN) Eromona Michael met with all 6 LCDA Chairmen in the Division setting in motion for leaders to adopt MESSAGING as the fight against Cultism And Violence is a collective efforts overcome.

With more dwellers moving to the region, Ikorodu with a population now exceeding 5million consist of 6 Different Local Community Development Areas namely; Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA, Ijede LCDA, Imota LCDA, Ikorodu North LCDA, Ikorodu West LCDA & Ikorodu Central Respectively.

The meeting which spanned 3weeks presented a platform for leaders to Constantly make use of MESSAGING while combating the menace & applying every other available security measures necessary.

Complimenting the Campaign was the presentation of an official banner attributed to each LCDA Chairmen lending their voice to the course Tagged ‘BE A PRIDE NOT A PROBLEM’.

The Campaign took off from the secretariat of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA where the Coordinator was warmly received by the Executive Chairman (Bldr Sesan Daini).

Applauding the Initiative, the Chairman speedily implemented plans by mass printing 20 banners to be distributed to public schools as part of lending his voice to the Campaign.

“If we must put an end to this Challenge then using every channel to quench the fire must be embraced” Bldr Sesan Daini

The Executive Chairman Of Ijede LCDA (Hon Fatiu Salisu Jimoh) in his acceptance of the Campaign affirmed his support while reiterating his formal Approach to curb the Menace in his community.

Mrs Ademehin Olajumoke Jimbo (The Executive Chairman Of Ikorodu West LCDA) in her Acknowledgement speech thanked the Coordinator of INN for the Goodwill Projection.

“We have been holding prayer Sessions towards this same Challenge, But it is good to also embrace MESSAGING as part of the solution, while applying every necessary Security measures consistently, This will go a long way to help” Mrs Ademehin Averred

At Imota LCDA, Prince Wasiu Kunle Agoro (the Executive Chairman) welcomed the Initiative by Appreciating the Coordinator for propelling such a positive Campaign, Likewise the Chairman Of Ikorodu Central (Hon Wasiu Adesina), with both affirming their consistent support to the Campaign.

Bldr Adeola Adebisi Banjo (The Executive Chairman Of Ikorodu North LCDA) was delighted at the Initiative in his Acknowledgement (as the last Chairman to be presented his banner), Attracting the presence of Wave Media, OGTV and Always Media during his acceptance speech.

“Reminding Ourselves that we must ‘BE A PRIDE NOT A PROBLEM’ is a better way to keep us (away from Crimes and Violence) as good Ambassadors of Ikorodu Division, I applaud the initiator of this Campaign” Bldr Adeola Banjo Added

In his Speech the Coordinator (Eromona Michael) stated that the whole essence of the Campaign is to emphasize on the importance of MESSAGING when providing solutions to any given plights.

“If our leaders can imbibe this idea thoroughly it will help our communities for safety reasons” Eromona Michael

“Just like when it’s time for Elections, we see banners and posters of all kinds in the Communities and before you know it everybody knows who the candidates are, Such manner of Approach should also be given to Challenges like this that affects our youths and Communities in Ikorodu” Eromona Michael Added

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