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In a bid to promote learning among Nigerian students, an educational technology start-up, iQlearners, has been rewarding cash prizes to the top four highest scoring Nigerian students for excellent performance in the monthly scholarship examination on their website.

iQlearners, a mobile website that offers a host of educational services including past questions, online tutorials, news and scholarship to JAMB and undergraduate students in Nigeria has over time, encouraged a healthy reading culture by providing monetary scholarship to students in Nigeria.

According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of iQlearners, Okonma Victor, the initiative was borne out of the desire to see a positive change in the country’s educational sector.

“Over the years I have seen young people with great potentials who, due to the lack of finance, were unable to pursue their educational aspirations and I have always been moved by this and it has motivated me to create an ed-tech solution that not only offer scholarship to students but also, provide educational materials that are affordable and easily accessible”

“It puts a smile on my face knowing we are making a positive change, and over 15 students have already benefited from our scholarship program so far. We hope to increase the number of participants in the coming months as this will in turn increase the number of monthly winners”, he explained

In the past 4 months, iQlearners has conducted 3 scholarship examinations, a total of 63 people participated, in which the top 15 participants were financially rewarded in the monthly iQlearners examination. They also have a jamb section structured in a manner in which students can prepare for the UTME.

Recounting the aims and objectives of iQlearners, Oluwatobiloba Befo, a graduate of Mass Communication from Lagos State University and as well the co-founder of iQlearners said, “iQlearners is borne out of the passion to encourage education/learning among youths by making educational materials accessible and by providing financial incentives”

“Throughout my secondary school up to my University level I was on scholarship. I know what it feels like to get sponsors to sort out school bills especially when one is struggling financially”.

Befo also narrated that different students in Nigeria and Ghana who participated in the monthly exam, thereby commending the efforts of brilliant students in Nigeria. “Students are performing and doing better than what I expected of them. I will urge more students to take exams on iQlearners because it is an avenue to learn and know more” she concluded.

When asked to share their testimonies, Nigerian students who participated in the examination all confirmed they got cash prizes and have participated more than once in the monthly scholarship examination.

Speaking to The Nation, Victoria Oyeoka, a 300level student of Nnamdi Azikwe University, who has participated in two editions, bagged 1st and 4th position respectively, said “I would recommend iQlearners to any student because it is an easy way to make money and acquire more knowledge and would advice every student to participate, as it is quite educative”.

Similarly, a 100-level student of Mass Communication at the Lagos State University, Abdulsemiu Monsuroh Olajumoke, has participated in three editions of the examination and gotten cash prizes in all editions, as she bagged the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in each examination.

“The process was quite friendly and the time is just enough. It’s an opportunity to study more, learn and still earn. I will advise other students to take advantage of the opportunities iQlearners is affording them”

“They can just study and earn at the end of the day!” she said.

Another student, a 200-level student of Uniilorin, Alabi Oluwashemilore, has also attempted the exams in two editions and came 4th in each. According to her, it broadens one’s knowledge and would advise students to utilize opportunities that come their way to learn more.

By Mariam Ileyemi

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