The Asiwaju National Students Support Organization (ANSSO) applauds the Nigeria security agency and notable collaborators who made tireless efforts in the release of abducted Kankara students by Boko Haram sectarians.

As a group of notable Nigerian student leaders progressively led by Comrade Giwa Murtala Omotola – Moore, ANSSO describes the release of the student as relief to there families, friends and relatives, the country and international community at large as well as institutions of concern.

We acknowledge the spirited collaboration of the Government of Katsina State, Nigeria intelligence unit, Nigeria students, Nigeria Military and all other bodies that worked effortless over the released, and further sue for a rewrite of the countries security architecture.

Northern Nigeria in particular, has in recent times faced alot of security challenges from armed bandits which has led to destruction of lives and property in mass, we sue the government to make security a topnotch and area of concern till its activity is reduced to a minimal.

Majority of the abducted students are minors and we advice that adequate majors be put to place by the government towards helping them recover from the psychological and trauma the might have suffered in the hands of their captives.

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