Egbe Omo Eko Nimi Lagos Forum condemns attack on the Oba of Lagos Palace (IGA Idunganran, Head of Universal)

The Egbe Omo Eko Niimi has described the invasion as a sacrilegious assault on the respected traditional institution.

The forum expresses deep sadness over the wave of attacks in Iga Idunganran Royal Palace, and urges those behind the dastardly acts to have a rethink.

The forum further commiserates with the families of the deceased as well as others that have been killed in similar attacks in the country, during the #ENDSARS# stating that there is no justification for bloodletting. The Forum, hereby, call on Lagosians to learn to live harmoniously and cherish our heritage, adding that those who have grievances of any kind should seek legitimate means of getting redress in lieu of resorting to violence.

The Forum, further, urges the security agencies to rise to the occasion and ensure that those behind the attack on Lagos Heritage and the Lekki Protest in Lagos and other Lagosians are brought to book.
It also urged the Oba of Lagos not to give up in his selfless contributions to the state and the nation in general.

It has bee reported that Oba Rilwan Aremu Babatunde Oshoolale Akiolu, Akiolu 1, (Oba of Lagos) and the Lagos White Cap Chiefs had condemned the attack on the Lekki Toll Gate by the Nigerian Army, stating that “the potent of this latest security challenge is: the Lagos state is not just under an ominous cloud of insecurity but all the Ekorians, under the nation’s space are also victims”.

These incessant attacks and this most recent one on the respected Oba of Lagos is unacceptable in a State governed by an elected government vested with power and state resources to ensure efficient security for all its Ekorians. Lagos continues to bleed, while those charged with protecting their lives flounder and fiddle in their response to a problem that could undermine national security and endanger our young democracy.

Chairman of the Forum, Prince Ademola Oladega Akinsemoyin yesterday condemned the attack on His Royal Majesty Alaiyeluwa Oba Rilwan Aremu Babatunde Oshuolale Akiolu, Akiolu 1, saying the attack was a violent assault on our respected custom and traditional institutions. Urged the Lagos Prince and Princesses, all the Ekorians, Osugbo Cult, Opa Cult, Okala Cult, Adimu Orisha Cult, Laba Ekun Cult, Ologede Cult, Oniko Cult, and other Customary Chief in Lagos, and the security agencies to once again rise to the challenge of these gruesome acts by ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to book.

He lamented the incessant incident of gun attacks by Nigerian Police Force as well as the activities of the dreaded Boko haram sect who always target innocent individuals in our society and reiterated his call on Lagosians who have information about the hideouts of these nefarious activists to make such available to our security agencies.

Egbe Omo Eko Nimi Lagos Forum, however reiterated his call to those behind these dastardly act to sheathe their swords and embrace peace in the interest of the Ekorians. If their designs and actions are genuine, they should embrace the dialogue option canvassed by every notable Ekorians.

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