Adewale Temitope Adedeji Constitute Committee for 10m Naira Emergency Relief Fund. ~Ajasa-Info

Dear Resident and Constituents of Ifako Ijaiye 01,

It’s with deep sorrow in my heart and regret I write to you this morning, over the last decade we have struggled with Infrastructure development and negligence and now we have burnt down the little we have.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have managed to be our brothers keeper and we survived through the COVID 19 pandemic, 1 Million Boys attack, NNPC Explosion,Iju Ogundimu Gas Explosion and now the ENDSARS clash which metamorphosized to Tribal dispute and war in our community.

Sadly, lives were lost and and lots of properties where destroyed. The last 3 days event has added another dark days to our history in Ifako Ijaiye. While we continue to mourn the lives lost and seek long lasting peace within our community, I strongly want to remind you that your mandate with me is SAFE and I am for you and with you and together we will rise above this Dark Days.

I want to passionately appeal to our energized and teeming youths, our freedom fighters and our heroes from the depth of my heart to please cease fire and stop all forms of violence and destruction in our community.

I also want to plead and appeal to you our Parents, Guardians , Religious leaders, community Elders and Leaders, to appeal to their wards , followers and members of the community to embrace peace.

This maybe the toughest periods of our lives but I assure you we will RISE again. This is the time to rebuild our Ifako Ijaiye 01.

While we continue to nurse our losses and wounds, I have set up a 10m naira Relief Emergency Relief Fund for compensations and redevelopment of our community. This might not be able to adequately compensate for lives lost and properties but would go a long way in rebuilding our community . It would include renovations of our Police Stations and Other security Agency and outfits within our community, compensations for the indigent and those directly affected by the clash and crisis as deemed fit by the Committee.

The committee is to be chaired by the CDC chairman, Pastor Opajobi Samuel and Co Chaired by Engr Jacob Dada. Representatives of the Arewa Community, Yoruba community, Youths and Market Women shall be announced accordingly.

I hereby appeal to the well meaning residents of Ifako Ijaiye 01 to please be part of this and support anyway they can by contributing financially, medically and join hands together in all ways we can to rebuild our community as we have no where else to go.

To all our first responders and gallant youths I commiserate with you, I say thank you and God bless you.

Together we shall RISE above this..

Hon. Temitope Adewale
Member, LAHA
FKJ 01

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