Giwa Moore: My Take On The Enough Is Enough Nigeria Apology To The Lagos State Government ~Ajasa-Info

The deed have been done already, do you think it will be easy to rebuild the battered image or regain the confidence people have in the government before. Even if that will happen it will take along time and hardwork of the Government to convince people. No sane person will see the blood of innocent Youths wasted and will be happy. Some of us couldn’t sleep on tuesday night due to the tension.

We all condemn the act and you are here apologizing for your errors. Can your apology solve the problem on ground. Enough is enough have to pay for the damages they’ve caused us here in Lagos. Lagos the megacity of Nigeria is on fire, due to the evils perpetuated by some unknown persons.

Everybody that watch yesterday live broadcast made by Lagos State Government will accept it that the Governor was shaking, he nearly shed tears on a national television. We are all human, we don’t need to politicize everything in life, here in this clime enemies want thousand of people to die just for political reason. Everywhere is not settle in Lagos as am writing this piece.

Cvil war may erupt in Lagos if the crisis is not well managed due to the trending Yoruba roonu. Nobody will be happy if her heritage is no more, our people are dieing, hoodlums have hijacked the peaceful protest, Oba of Lagos original staff of office is nowhere to be found. They are burning Government properties and private owned properties.

That’s the reason why I keep saying it on all platforms that we should shun fake news, it kill faster than disease. In the process of venting anger life was lost, properties were damaged. Some hoodlums stabbed Okechukwu in their house in front of his mother when they invaded their house yesterday after burning their barrack due to the general notion that the government that is suppose to protect the people is the one killing the citizens that gave them the mandate to lead.

The citizens felt the government is acting contrary to the signed social contract, they started unleashing mayhem on government and private properties. Lagos state is in state of comatose right now. There is more to what is happening right now. With time we will know those behind the whole thing.

Some of us that believed in this Government were labeled killers, they called us all sort of names, some even promise to stampede all our political movements for supporting the acclaimed old generation party, I keep telling them that am human before any form of political affiliation. I condemn the act of killing innocent citizens. Have led numerous protest and I was not killed, if it happens the other way round will I be here writing.

The media has caused a lot of damages to our togetherness and existence right now, if what is going on right now is not well managed the civil war will start from the center of excellence. Nigerians have allowed fake news to change their mentality. The enemies sees it as opportunity to rebuild their image for the forthcoming election. My fellow youth most of this personality solidarising with us are not for us, they are after political power. We need to be very careful, let’s allow peace to reign.

The Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has made it over burden for Lagos State Government for not addressing Nigerians in other to reduce the tension. The tension is very high here in Lagos, everywhere have been deserted, nobody knows what will happen next. Let’s keep praying for Lagos that is known for Peace before.

Giwa Murtala Omotola – Moore is a Student Of Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, he writes from Lagos

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