On the 29th of September 2020, Focus Point Academy-FPA, organised an online chat with Mr. Gbenga Ademujimi,. Gbenga Ademujimi, a Certified Life Coach for Human Design Systems and NLP Practitioner from The Coaching Academy, U.K., on the topic “Academic Excellence versus Real Excellence

FPA: We are as well glad to have you tonight sir
Sir, as tonight topic implies Academics Excellence Versus Real Excellence can you Explicitly tell us more about this.

GUEST: Academic is not intelligence, intelligence is not wisdom, Academic excellence is just about your chosen career field but real excellence is about your life purpose fulfilment.
In the late 1800’s, schools were designed and intended to teach obedience. During the rise of our industrial age, big corporations needed workers for their factories. The purpose of the academic system was to create obedient and compliant workers who never asked questions. There were already plenty of scholars at the time.
Thus, the creation of the standardized test. Our academic system itself became a factory to standardize all of the rising students to ensure they fit the desired mold. If the student failed the tests, they would be held back another year to try again.
The internet has changed the world. If you want to learn something, you don’t need to get an encyclopedia anymore. You can go to Wikipedia, or Youtube, or a million other places online. There are tons of programs that teach people how to learn things effectively at optimal speeds.
The world is moving to an entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economy. It is said that by 2020 over one billion people will be working from their homes. In the future of work, less people will work for one company as generalists and instead will work for multiple companies as specialists.
The world doesn’t need obedient and compliant factory workers anymore. The world needs artists, creators, hackers, and innovators. We’re done with apathetically living out our lives in school and at our 9-to-5 jobs. We’re sick of it. We’re done with it.
Many guys are tired of 9am – 5pm
What’s the essence of waking up at 4am in Ikorodu to resume at lekki for #100k/month when u can actually sit at the same Ikorodu and make the same #100k/month without transport and others.
So with this backdrop, we can now examine why C students are generally better off than their A and B counterparts. C students in this article are defined as Creative students, focusing more on their approach than their actual grades. A and B students are defined as the unquestioned status-quo.

FPA: Why is it that one’s academic excellence in school doesn’t equally guarantee one’s real life excellence, is it because this is Nigeria? Almost every Nigerians are of the opinion that nothing good works in Nigeria compared to other European countries. What do you have to say on this dogma, sir?

GUEST: It’s a global menace
They C’s question the validity of the academic system
C students are not sold on the academic system. They’re not sold on the factory approach. They see a great deal of good that comes from it, but they don’t worship the system. They see its many flaws.
Real students aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo. Even if it’s uncomfortable to stand out, it’s less uncomfortable than moving forward in clearly the wrong direction.
C students think for themselves. They don’t walk between the lines without first questioning why those lines exist. Rather than having someone else tell them how to live their lives, C students come up with their own agendas. They zig when everyone else zag.
They are not trying to please and impress their superiors
C students don’t spend enormous amount of energy trying to impress their superiors. They respect and love the teachers, but they don’t worship them and obey their every request. They don’t see their teachers as the guardians of their success. They don’t depend on references or resumés anymore. They realize that in today’s world, their work speaks for itself — it’s online for everyone to see.


GUEST: Yes but Femi needs to be careful.
Everyone in that direction need to understand “Nigeria” and the Cartels. He is following Sowore but Sowore is not a Nigerian passe.
He would have still be in prison now if not for his wife who “lobbied” American Congress to speak to Nigerian power
The forces controlling Nigeria are outside Nigeria
The Cabals in Nigeria are just tools being used to divide us via ethnicity, religion tribe, And that’s my headache about Nigerian youths. They’ve no idea about what’s wrong with us at all. British designed Nigeria and they are the only one who can unlock the code, Some of us know the codes but we can’t decode it for few reasons;
No financial power
No man power support
No unity
Infact when I try to explain that youths are not interested cos they have one laptop that is giving them money through internet fraud

FPA: Our public office holders

GUEST: Always know that you and I are the government
What guys don’t know is that if u and I don’t vote for a candidate there is nothing to rig.

“edo no be lagos”
Ironically, if you’re obsessed with your grades, you’re not thinking enough about your future. People who get C’s are more strategic about how they spend their time. While their classmates are putting tons of energy into an arbitrary indicator, C students are actually pursuing their dreams. They aren’t waiting until after school to start living.
A and B students seek security externally in the form of “good grades.” However, C students know that security can only really be experienced internally. They know who they are. No external standard of success will ever compare to their own self-awareness and acceptance — they’ve defined success for themselves. They don’t care what the masses are competing for, C students chart their own paths.

FPA:Why can’t formal education or schooling guarantee financial success? Is school really a scam?

GUEST: Formal education is like a gate of a compound which is a function of formal training but intelligence is a function of personal training but wisdom is a function of learning from people who have achieved what you are trying to achieve, ask questions and ask until your reasoning is opened.
So you open the gate with Ikorodu High School but the principal will not open the room doors and windows for you
C students love learning. They just prefer to dictate the direction of their own learning — they don’t want someone else to tell them how to think. They prefer to explore and discover for themselves, to study what they are naturally drawn to. They don’t try to force things, but instead lean into their passions.
“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” — Reid Hoffman
So they are not perfectionists but strategists

FPA: C’s students are more strategic on how they spend their time, what about A’s And B’s students sir, Is it because of what they later achieve in the journey of life is what is the measure for that sir.

GUEST: They are WORRIED about PERFECTIONISM so as to have JOB(Just Over Broke) security but the other guys are THINKING about Saving their Souls first @ Survival which is the first law of the jungle then success can come after which is actually becoming Independent then after that becoming Significant in their line of DUTY
A and B guys vision stops at Success
C guys aims at significance
They are dreamers
While the A and B students are listening carefully to understand what will be on the test, the C students are looking out the window at the clouds and beautiful landscapes. They’ve already gathered the MED (Medium Effective Dose)of the lecture. Consequently, they’ve freed up several hours each day to dream of a better world. They are thinking about the big things they will do in life. They are working out important problems in their minds.
In The 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferriss teaches what he calls, “minimum effective dose” (MED) — the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome. Anything beyond that is wasteful.
However Dream is not what u see when u sleep but what will not make u to sleep
C guys?
You think they’re jotting notes from the lecture? Wrong. They are detailing their ideas and plans. When they go home, they’ll do the MED of homework and spend the majority of their time with friends or working towards their dreams

FPA: Since we get academics excellence through grades in school can we say school is really a SCAM as people do say sir
School is not a scam, The system of running school is the scammer.

FPA: Oh! Our Nigeria System or worldwide system sir?

GUEST: Africa
South africa, Rwanda and few others are exempted
Always interprete your grades into your life dreams or else you will be another CV carrier.

FPA: In a short explanation, Can we say academic excellence is more important than practical skills when it comes to a successful life since with grade someone can get a first JOB.

GUEST: U don’t need academic excellence to acquire relevant skills

LAYCON- display of Emotional Intelligence as a skill in BBN was not part of his best graduating student of philosophy @ Unilag. He rose from Survival to become successful the night he ignored Erica acidic behaviour and verbal diarrhoea
He didn’t become significant on Sunday when he won #30M and others but became significant from the tasks he was participating in the house

FPA: Sir, the point is since people celebrate good grades and academics Excellence, why is that not reflecting the financial breakthrough of that person?

GUEST: The world celebrates success no matter how it comes
Meanwhile success had been wrongly Defined as Comfort and convenience.

FPA: Alright sir, but most Schools give money and even scholarship to best students is that not part of celebrating their academics Excellence sir.

GUEST: Because such individuals focuses on job Security and work security. Every organisation only pays you what takes you home and bring you back the following day.
Any organization that pays you beyond that is not interested in your future but your present, so it’s left to you to apply wisdom beyond academics and intelligence to secure your future through investment.
They are part Of The elites class.
Most of the academics are back end strategists for politicians
The economy dictators celebrates entrepreneurs
The back end strategist Study you and analyse and propose what the government will do to neutralise your noise and protests, Especially through media, If any national unrest last beyond a day, the government hands are in it – Gen Sanni Abacha RIP. Thats why u don’t just join protest if u are not in tune with the planners and purpose.

FPA: Centillion Thank to you sir, for your time and knowledge share tonight, unarguably I must say we are bless and our thought sharpen more than before on the distinction between Academics Excellence and Real Excellence.

Moderator: Comr. Ogunbowale O. Abodunrin

Convener: Comr. (Amb.) Adebogun Oriyomi Modupe

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