RAI GLOBAL TRUST FOUNDATION rewarded it’s Spelling Bee Competition winner with N150,000 cash gift ~Ajasa-Info

History is a book of records for everyman’s activities, be it good or bad, productive or destructive, substantial or adscititious, for a forever memory from generation to generations.

The essence of man to life is been valuable to his environment, evolving ideas for others progressive living, building, impacting and maintaining a bearable status to humanity.

Dr. Richard Adekola Idowu, the President/Founder of RAI Global Trust Foundation has again demonstrated his humanitarian spirit, a pace settler in time of hardship and inconvenience.

Recall, there was a Spelling Bee Competition which took place at Ede, held between schools in four local governments of Osun State, Ejigbo Local Government, Ede South Local Government, Ede North Local Government, and Egbedore Local Government. AYOOLA Paul, a Senior Secondary School II (SS2) student of Ejigbo Baptist High School emerge as the winner of the competition, which earn him a sum of One hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000.00).

The money was paid to the winner of the competition on Friday September 4, 2020. The family of the Paul were extremely glad to receive the fund as promised by the leadership of RAI Global Trust Foundation able led by Dr. Richard Adekola Idowu.

In an interview with the father of the quiz winner Mr AYOOLA Kayode Albert, he praise and expresses his gratitude to The President of RAI Global Trust Foundation, as well as other members in support of the progress of the association. Mr Kayode stated that he is a teacher who is imparting knowledge to several students, as his chosen field of career. He is also grateful to God for rewarding his family in line with the seeds he has sown to other children’s life, most especially in building lives in the nation.

Paul Ayoola also adores God Almighty for the grace he received to have emerged as the winner of the competition. He felt so happy when announced as the winner, though his preparation, determination and optimism also contributed in earning him the honour. He acknowledged the efforts of his principal, vice principal, management and staffs of his college, Ejigbo Baptist High School for their unrelenting attitudes to works, in bringing the best out of every students, praying for their success in life.

Paul also encourage other students to always be prepared, as the programme is an avenue for students to showcase their brilliancy. He further his statement stressing on students to always review their daily class activities unrelenting, as it is a path to great excellence, and never to forget God first in all things.

The competition was reported to be fair, educative and fun filled. It’s a call of emulation to other leaders, as it encourage our young ones to be serious and values the importance of education in our society.

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