Want Emefiele sacked immediately, and charge for treason and felony.
Condemned politicians who refused to speak against the policy.

The Association of Nigerian Artisans and Technicians (ASNAT) vehemently condemned the persistent refusal and unwillingness of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari to put an end to the untold hardship his government’s unpopular naira redesign /swap policy has brought upon Nigerians, particularly Nigerian Artisans and Technicians who relied solely on daily cash earnings to survive.

In a statement personally signed and released to newsmen, the National Coordinator of the Association, Comrade Adeshina Akinyemi said, ‘across the world, currencies are made and changed intermittently without any problems or troubles, sometimes, you don’t even hear of it outside the country except you are living within the affected country; so why is our own very different? Why has our own currency redesign brought so much pangs, anguish and agonies on all Nigerians? Without mincing words, all evidences have showed and proved that the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele in connivance with some ‘very’ powerful Aso-rock residents are in wars with Nigeria and Nigerians.

Emefiele has not forgotten his loss of the APC Presidential candidate slot and the people who made him loose. So, he and those who sold that dummy idea to him and lost in that political schemes are now fighting the winner of that contest using the conspiracy theory method. This is a ‘Rebounced back anger!’ In their bid to weaken the financial prowess and muscle of a Presidential candidate they lost the Presidential primary to, Emefiele and his looser friends brought out this satanic policy. Or how else can one describe the mopping up of N1.9 trillion old notes from the public and the releasing of a meagre N300 million new notes back? What is he looking for, if not chaos, unrest and protests? Emefiele had envisaged what is happening in the country now, its part of his plans, but, one part of his plans that has failed is the commitment of INEC not to shift or postpone the elections, because that was Emefiele’s real plan.

If it were to be a country where law and order works and are respected, the CBN Governor ought to have resigned voluntarily by now or being sacked by the President for all his atrocities and attempts to bring the country down and make it ungovernable.

As concerned Nigerians who are most hit by Mr Emefiele’s anti Nigerians policy and his ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards the present chaotic situation in the country, we call on the DSS, the Inspector General of Police, The EFCC and other security agencies to as a matter of urgent urgency arrest the CBN Governor and charge him to court for treason and felony.

Our Association also want to register our displeasure and disappointment in the President, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari who significantly refused to bring this matter under control in time and allowed it to degenerate to this point. The President who is the Commander in – Chief of the Armed forces and the Chief Protector of Nigeria and her constitution should have disengaged the CBN governor from his post a long time ago when the CBN governor who suppose to be politically neutral started getting himself enmeshed in murky political tussle.

We called on the President to act as a President of the whole county, to be just, fair and upright in discharging his responsibilities and not to use his remaining ‘few’ days in office to upload a rotten parting memories in the minds of Nigerian Artisans.

The Association of Nigerian Artisans and Technicians also frowned at and condemned those Politicians who have refused to publicly condemned and rebuke this barbaric policy, they are selfish, unprincipled, anti Artisans and anti Nigerians . We therefore commend and appreciates those who have condemned and scolded this mischievous and hyenaic policy. We now know our friends and those we can trust to vouch and speak for us in the face of injustice and oppression.

We also want to use this opportunity to call on Mr Presiden, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari who is the substantial Petroleum Minister to please, make petrol available for Nigerian use. As Artisans and Technicians, in the absence of Electricity which the President has been unable to provide for Nigerians in his eight years of governance, petrol remains our source of power to operate our machineries and tools, but now that petrol is scarcely available, its becoming extremely unbearable for millions of Nigerian Artisans and Technicians to survive and to feed their families

In conclusion, we appeal to the President to tow the part of wisdom and honour and adhere strictly to the advice of the Council of state and all Nigerians to allow the old and new naira notes to continue co existing for the next six months to one year to ease Nigerians pains and sufferings.

Adeshina Akinyemi
National Coordinator
Association Of Nigerian Artisans and Technicians (ASNAT) – 08023611614


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