Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA hosted the 2022 security summit and marked the second year anniversary of Joint Task Force (JTF) Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA at the Adeboruwa palace yesterday 24th of November, 2022.

In the speech of the Executive Chairman of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA Bldr Olusesan Mayokun Daini

“Today we are marking the second year of inauguration of our local security joint force in Igbogbo-Baiyeku, palace of Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom, we want to once again thank God and to appreciate his Mercy over us for running this body for two years without any major issues, and that does not mean we did not have any casuality in the cause of operation, but we thank God we are standing forth.”

“The Secretary to the Local Government Barr. Ade Ayeni has made mention of the process of this formation which I will officially reiterate again. This local task force was the bet of the peace and security committee of the council that we need to form this body, bringing together all the local security forces within our community under total supervision monitoring of the Nigeria police force and other security agencies stated in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.”

“In getting them we made it open that all of them should go for public screening. We set up a committee and in the committee we have all the peace security members represented in the committee. They are screened, and after the screening they are fully profiled then brought to the palace for traditional certification or engagement the godfathers of our land shall go with us and be with us.”

Presentation of Certificates

“So we thank God , officially I want to say that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this without the permission, blessings and prayer of Kabiyesi Abdulsemiu orimade kasali, Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdomAnd the entire Adeboruwa council and Olubeshe and the entire olubese council. We are doing all this because of their prayers, support and blessing. I want to equally inform us that for this two years of operation, we have encountered alot of challenges like i earlier said, we lost one of our men in the cause of this issue. But we thank God that we took responsibility of what happened and we decided to take of the children and the family. Today, we will be inviting the Lasaco representative because we have concluded all arrangements to put all our men on life assurance by LASACO.”

We have decided to put all our men on life insurance with LASACO knowing that what they are doing is exposing them to some danger. With this life assurance, we are saying that if anything happens to them, God forbid they will be covered and their family will be covered for life. we will be engaging them on that as soon as we finish this program.

“I equally want to inform us that making sure our men pass through normal police force ethics, let me note that what we are doing today is promoting the policy and the idea of the Nigeria police encouraging local and public policing. We are not police and we are not in anyway close to any of the security agencies listed in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. But what we are doing is supporting, collaborating and providing reasonable information and support to our security agencies To make sure that they get to the root of the crime.

I will say this categorically that all crimes are local and that is why you will see that the crime in Ikorodu might be different from the crime in Kano. So for us to actually tackle insecurity in our community and country, we need to localise the process of handling policing, security. One particular process can not solve crises and challenges in this country.

“It is on this note that we have decided to localize and support the country in making sure that we have does done and we thank God that our police officers have been doing greatly well to give us maximum support equally we will be having annual security summit. The annual Security submit will be an avenue for all of to come review our security problem, review the solution and collectively come together to provide solution to future action.

“I want to say this that I would have add our people, the representative of the state security Apparatus all present here but today , Lagos State government is equally having a security submit at VI and that is where most of our security heads are right now . I am happy as this shows God is with us, coincidentally we can be holding a security submit in Igbogbo and the Governor of Lagos State is holding a security submit at V.I . It shows we are in spirit and we are moving forward.”

He added “I want to say equally that we are having engagement today is just for one singular reason, the reason is to support security agencies across board and making sure that we localize our approach and I can say categorically that we have been having positive results. I equally want to tell you that in making sure that our people perform very well, we have decided to send them to Nigeria police college in ikeja, what you have seen them do today last week they just came back from a training at the police college in Ikeja, where they were trained about intelligent and community policing, how they can use some strategy to solve and to get security problems solved within our community today in your presence.”

“I will be providing and presenting certificates issued by Lagos State Police command to all of them after their graduation last week. I equally want to say we have 53 of them on the salary of Igbogbo Bayeku LCDA for more than two years. And I am bold to say we are not owing them for more than 27 months that we have been paying them. In fact in about three months ago we increased their salary by over 50% to make sure that we encourage them and they did not in anyway go into conspiracy with any other body that wants to connive with them to commit crime in our community.” He concluded

Oniba Ekun of Iba Land, Oba Sulaimon Adeshina Raji-Asade and Alakesan of Akesan Land, Oba Nojeem Abidemi Ogunjobi were also present at the occasion.

The DPO CSP A.R Balogun commend the The Joint Task Force JTF in carrying out their assignments at the local area, he attested to their efforts in two years of existence, he also said within this two years we are relieved, he commend the Executive Chairman of Igbogbo-Baiyeku LCDA Bldr. Olusesan Daini for coming up with this great initiative.

Oba Abdulsemiu Orimadegun Kasali the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo Kingdom commend Bldr. Olusesan Daini and the JTF team for restoring peace in Igbogbo Kingdom and he prayed for God’s protection in their services.

Chief Tajudeen Onasanya Odofin of Igbogbo Kingdom, Olubeshe in Council and other stakeholders present, all commend the efforts of the Joint Task Force JTF for their hard work in the last two years of existence and implore them not to relent.


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