Chairman of Conference 57 CPS, Ayodele Ayeyemi, has professed his love for Governor of Lagos State with 57 reasons.

The Chief Press Secretary from Yaba Local Council Development Area, disclosed this to Project 3:16 Metro during a media parley to commemorate the birthday of Mr. Governor at 57, recently.

He said: “Mr. Governor’s performance in Lagos State has surpassed the expectations of many and we are confident of his return for a second term.”

On the aspect of Mr. Governor’s birthday, the CPS chairman who earlier in the year, declared his 11 million naira worth of property for sale, in order to campaign for the incumbent Governor, said there are 57 beautiful qualities of Mr. Sanwo-Olu, adding that the number one citizen has infected the populace with good governance through his administrative qualities.

“I am stating 57 reasons why I like Mr. Governor, and I’m dedicating these points in honour of his birthday,” he said.

Below are the 57 qualities of Mr. Governor at 57.

1. He is the man of the people
2. Thinks strategically
3. Focuses on the future
4. Sets the vision
5. Displays a strong business acumen
6. Sets the direction
7. Strives for continuous improvement
8. Sees a cross-functional, cross-organizational view
9. Thinks critically
10. Focuses on the customer
11. Possesses strong interpersonal skills
12. Communicates with transparency
13. Sends clear messages
14. Speaks in an impactful way
15. Delivers effective speaking presentations
16. Gives open, honest, and direct feedback
17. Listens to understand
18. Asks the right questions at the right time
19. Breaks down complex information into simple terms
20. Interacts comfortably with people at all levels
21. Stays positive and constructive during difficult conversations
22. Finds middle ground and a path forward
23. Manages crises and conflict with ease
24. Goes above and beyond
25. Focuses on results
26. Likes to succeed
27. Drives results
28. Gets things done
29. Stays goal-oriented and solution-focused
30. Acts decisively
31. Makes decisions in times of ambiguity
32. Completes difficult tasks despite obstacles
33. Exudes energy and determination
34. Pushes for what she or he believes in
35. Embodies a positive attitude
36. Has tenacity and curiosity
37. Strives to accomplish what they commit to doing
38. Takes ownership
39. Takes charge and assumes responsibility
40. Sets high standards
41. Has excellent organizational and execution skills
42. Embraces change and course-corrects when needed
43. Takes risks
44. Is fearless
45. Exudes passion, honesty, and dependability
46. Wins trust
47. Collaborates
48. Operates with integrity and fairness
49. Has a thirst for learning
50. Shares know-how
51. Shows empathy
52. Is supportive and caring
53. Stays calm in difficult situations
54. Possesses leadership presence
55. Leads by example
56. Serves as a role model
57. Earns the respect of people at all levels of the organization

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