Taiwo Lawal: When we speak of Men who keeps to their words, Senator Tokunbo Abiru shouldn’t be found wanting on the list ~Ajasa-Info.

Which of his amazing and tremendous support to the populace are you oblivious of?

Tokunbo Abiru had topped the list of Senators whose support has helped to mitigate the level of poverty, unemployment and poor education in Nigeria

For instance, the masses had really benefited from his office since he resumes duty in the Senate through the COVID-19 Support.

He had demonstrably keep to his promise to the populace to help alleviate poverty, create job opportunities for the youth among others.

Subsequently, The masses has benefited from multiple trend of Monthly financial supports based on request.
His benevolence attitude had made him to hearken to the voice of the masses as he perceives that as one of his responsibilities of the office he holds.

In addition, he shouldered the establishment of ICT center at the Igbobi Secondary School to aid learning as this is necessary for the 21st century learner.

This establishment would help the students of the above named school compete and strive among their peers who had been exposed to ICT.

Furthermore, as part of his initiative to drive youth empowerment, Senator Tokunbo Abiru partnered with Co-creation Hub to develop a Community Innovation Space for young people in Lagos East Senatorial District.

The aim of the Community Innovation Space is to create employment opportunities, inspire grass-roots innovations and build partnerships & networks that will drive economic prosperity and collaboratively solve significant social and business problems in the Lagos East Senatorial District.

Sey Sen. Abiru wa kere ni?

The sum of 500k, 1million and 1.5 million was given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best graduating students of SAIL respectively.

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