Honourable Taoreed Babajide Hakeem (ACA), a leading aspirant for the Lagos State House of Assembly 2023 in conjunction with his team organises an annual community outreach program through which he reaches out to the less privileged within Ikorodu constituency II.

The outreach has helped to alleviate hunger within various communities. In his words, “he wants to do more and his constituency deserves the best, as he is privileged to be where he is today and by the grace of Almighty God, kindness to fellow human is paramount”.

The Certified Forensic Accountant whose motto is “Humanity first” believes that the reason we exist is to pray and show kindness to our neighbor’s, especially our community at large. Thus, alleviating poverty is one of the cardinal points in his manifesto.

This he has been doing through his community outreach program which has fed the less privileged within the Ikorodu Constituency II that he intends to represent at the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2023.

Through the outreach, raw foods was given out to needy (individuals and families) in order to reduce the level of hunger in the community as fear of hunger can increase the level of criminal activities in our society.

This and many other programs shall be continued upon his election. The number of people reached shall be increased, scholarships for outstanding students and bursaries for indigent students shall also be introduced.

Training and equipping of artisans for better and quality service delivery as well as women empowerment are also cardinal points in his manifesto.

He assured never to relent until his people are comfortable, God’s willing then people willing. He is looking forward to the support of the good people in Ikorodu constituency II to get him to the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2023 so that he could continue to do as he has started and also introduce more empowering programs.

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