Hon. Adekanye Admonish Mainlanders to imbibe the spirit of love and togetherness through renewal of faith as we celebrate good friday and Easter ~Ajasa-Info

Hon. Oladele Rufus Adekanye a.k.a LADO had felicitated with Christians on the celebration of Good friday and Easter.

Hon. Lado as he is popularly known by his people has urged Lagis mainlanders to take time to pray for continued peace and unity for the state and country at large.

He admonished everyone to imbibe the spirit of love and togetherness through the renewal of faith for a better today, tomorrow and days after as we celebrate good friday and easter.


He advised that as Nigerian approach the election year, everybody must be truly submitted to the spirit of love for one another, he advised the youth to shun any attempt to be used by any means as a tool of mischievous behaviour and violence to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere being enjoyed in Lagos Mainalnd.

According to him, he believe that when we approach our challenges with a heart of forgiveness and love for humanity, we will always triumph. This is the lesson that jesus taught us.

He join in wishing Christian faithful in Lagos mainland, Lagos State, Nigeria and across the globe a happy Easter celebration, let us take a moment to pray for our dear country. May God bless our Nation and it’s people, he said..

Good Friday in christendom, represents the foretold vicarious sacrifice Jesus Christ took upon Himself manifesting in betrayal and crucificion of our Lord Jesus Christ. This sacrifice represents ULTIMATE AND INCOMPARABLE LOVE FOR HUMAN KIND. Easter signposts ultimate victory over death as Jesus Christ rose! Congratulations and even as we prepare for elections and Nigeria is bedevilled with security challenges, the example of SACRIFICE AND LOVE EXEMPLIFIED BY JESUS CHRIST SHOULD BE EMBRACED FOR NIGERIA TO MOVE FORWARD!


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