It’s so funny that the Supervisors are called Supervisory Councillors.

A Supervisor is different from A councillor,
Supervisor is by appointment while Councillor is by election through a democratic process.

The Councillor is the law maker at Local Government level representing his people at ward level, saddled with responsibilities of representation, law making, oversight function and mediation.

While Supervisor is saddled with the responsibilities of assisting the Executive Chairman at the designated department in overseeing the affairs of his ministry and reporting directly to the Executive Chairman. He supervises the Head of Department (HOD)
Please great council leaders, use the screening exercise as avenue to educate the new executive members appointees from SLG downwards before creating confusion in the local government.

Also, it’s germane to tactically educate the management and staff of the Local Government on correct nomenclature.

In addition, the administrative guideline of Lagos state 2011 is very clear on this.
The letter from the state is also clear on it. They were referred to as “Supervisor ” not “councillor supervisor” nor “supervisory councillor”.

It is necessary to clear on order at the local government level.
The Council Chairman is 001
The Vice Chairman is 002
The Council Leader is 003
The Deputy Leader is 004
The Majority Leader is 005
The last councillor takes position before the Secretary to Local Government (SLG) and followed by Supervisors.

We are running family government with decorum, It’s good we follow the rule and law rather than placing the cat before the horse.
The legislative and executive arms have been enjoying fantastic synergy for the past eight months and we pray it is maintained and sustained throughout the tenure.

I use this opportunity to thank His Excellency Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, the Executive Governor of Lagos state and conference 57 led by the ALGON President, Barr. Akolade Alabi David for ensuring release of Supervisors list, you displayed true democracy.

I also congratulate the Supervisors across the state those already screened by the legislative arm of the Local Government, sworn in by the Executive Chairman of the Local Government wishing you a successful, blissful and promising tenure.

My advise to the Supervisors and Special Adviser is to ensure you play an unalloyed loyalty 100% to the Executive Chairman and respond accordingly to the legislative call for clarification and information as at when due through a letter of invitation routed through the Executive Chairman.

Let’s continue to discharge our duties diligently, in accordance with rule of law and due process in order to sustain our name and position as pace setter across the nation.

Hon. Alimi Nurudeen Alowonle,
Chairman, Lagos state councillors’ Forum

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