Your Votes Count: HOA Assures constituents ~Ajasa-Info

A leading contestant of the race for Ikorodu constituency II Assembly slot, HOA, has made a passionate appeal to all constituents to participate fully in the coming elections, saying that their votes count.

HOA, while holding the maiden media parley to herald his campaign on Friday 1 April 2022, implores all constituents to refuse to be discouraged. He avers that constituents hold the aces in the coming elections. He assures them that they are not meant for once in 3 to 4 years photo-ops, they deserve service 24/7.

In his words, “… I am unapologetic about the advancement of our constituency through rendering quality service. See what Asiwaju Tinubu achieved in our dear state by executing developmental ideas that many thought would not work. All it takes is for us to think out of the box and we will get the balance right. We must do away with transactional representative to transformational representative.”

“We are ordinary but we can achieve extraordinary feats together. You all are my backbones, and your support can make us to achieve the concrete development we have charted for our constituency.”

“First, I appeal to my party (APC)’s delegates and the decision makers to support me in the primary elections which will select the party flag bearers. Second, I encourage all constituents aged 18 years and over to campaign and vote for me during the main elections in 2023. Please, do not let anyone discourage you, your votes count!
Also, distinguished fellow constituents, the power is with you. They know they cannot match our acumen, proactiveness, and network, so they thought they could scare us with the irrelevant claim that they will outspend us. But they are wrong! They forget that you, the people, have the power and the riches. That is why many of you have come on board to co-produce HOA4HOA’23. We will continue to appreciate your support.”

HOA emphasizes that the constituents can co-design a beautiful new trajectory together, co-produce an enduring bold developmental agenda together, and co-deliver positive life impacts and outcomes together.

He concludes by assuring that: ” with me as your representative, Ikorodu constituency II will witness total quality development.”

HOA4HOA’23: The Quantum LeAP!

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