2023 LAHA: HOA holds Media Parley, reveal plans for the people of Ikorodu Constituency 2 ~Ajasa-Info

…HOA canvass for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for President

As momentum gathers pace in respect of the contest for Ikorodu constituency II House of Assembly seat for the year 2023, Hammed Aroyewun holds a media parley to discuss his agenda.

In his remarks “I am Contesting because I want to serve my people, I have the capacity, I have the strength, Asiwaju Bashorun, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, Senator Ogunlewe, Hon. Adebimpe Akinshola, they are my political leaders and they have trained me and I’m following their paths, I have also make consultation across the constituency they have given me the consents to go ahead.

“I appreciate Oba Oyebo Oriyomi Obateru of Egbin specially for given me the opportunity firstly to use his palace for this media parley, and his support morally at all times, I also appreciate Adeboruwa of Igbogbo Kingdom Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali and Ranodu of Imota Oba Ajibade Agoro for their fatherly advice.”

“I also appreciate the Council of Obas of Egbin, the presence of the Grand Chief Imam, amongst others.”

“I would like to, on behalf of myself and the inimitable LeAP team, welcome you all to this important event. I especially welcome our royal fathers and mothers, community leaders and political leaders, family members, and all my dynamic supporters. I welcome our invited media representatives. I give them big kudos for the important roles they play in the advancement of our division, the state, and the country at large.”

“This parley will be the first among the many events that will hold throughout the three LCDAs of Ikorodu constituency II to make the constituents know more about HOA4HOA’23 and to discuss our legislative agenda and governance ideas. Once again, I welcome you all!”

“Having (i) the deepest imaginable love for and (ii) the strongest commitment to the sustainable development of our constituency, division, and state, I offer myself to represent Ikorodu constituency II as a legislator in the Lagos State House of Assembly as from May 29, 2023. Therefore, I hereby declare my intention to run in the 2023 Lagos State House of Assembly election under our great party, APC.
I seek this prospect to offer transformational rather than transactional representation for our constituency.”

“My representation will be service oriented in the true sense of service. I will serve the constituency, I will serve the constituents, and I will make it easy for constituents to also serve the constituency. I believe that if we all put in more efforts to serve our constituency, the constituency will be better socio-economically. I trust you will oblige in joining us to do this together!”

“Our unique constituency has three great LCDAs (Ijede, Imota and Igbogbo/Baiyeku) which form the proverbial tripod of sustained balance (aro meta ti ki n da obe nu). Maintaining the balance requires devotion to the orderliness that we have set for ourselves. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than demonstrating responsibility to this orderliness so that it will be clear that we are progressives. It will further show that we are a people who value fairness as we work to ensure that the progress of the constituency is not impaired.”

“Since the beginning of this current democratic dispensation in 1999, we have had four representatives: 1. Hon. (Prince) Saheed Adefarasin Hassan, 2. Late Hon. Rotimi Shotomiwa, 3. Hon. (Chief, Mrs) Nosimot Adebimpe Akinsola, and 4. the incumbent, Hon. Nurudeen Saka Sholaja. We are very appreciative of their contributions.”

“The time is right for us to be more methodical and deliberate in bringing forth the total quality development we desire. It is time to jettison the ‘doing to’ and ‘doing for’ representation. My representation offers a novel ‘doing with’ representation. Together, we, as the constituents, will co-design and co-produce our developmental trajectories. This way, our passion will be sustained, and we will do the necessary safeguarding together.
Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly offer myself to champion another lifting-up. I ride on the examples of stellar legislators like Senator M. A. Abiru and Hon. Jimi Benson, and chairmen like Bldr Olusesan Mayorkun Daini of Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, Hon Motunrayo Gbadebo-Alogba of Ijede LCDA, and Hon. (Prince) Wasiu ‘Tunde Agoro of Imota LCDA.
I solemnly assure you that I will be focus on facilitating, initiating, and implementing development projects, programmes, and ideas in ways that put the people first.”

“My Legislative Agenda
Ladies and gentlemen, my legislative agenda seeks to provide the quantum leap needed to galvanize Education; Health, Social Care & Welfare; Science & Technology; Environment & Water Resources; Transportation & Traffic Management; Works & Housing; Urban & Rural Development; Industry & Commerce; Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs; Youths & Sports Development; Internal General Revenue & Tax Matters; Agriculture & Food Security; CBD & the 21st Century Lagos Development on our darling Lagos state. “

“I take this agenda seriously hence I have set up a Law & Policy Development team of brilliant lawyers, educationists, and community development professionals with whom I am reviewing and formulating legislative ideas for advancing our state. The ideas will be rolled out by way of motions and bills as soon as I am inaugurated, God willing, in May 2023.”

Supporting Executive Actions
The peculiarity of our situations meant that executive actions cannot be left in the hands of the executives alone. Our belief in thoroughness necessitated us undertaking a painstaking assessment of the internal and external environments of our constituency. We identified four core areas through which I will be providing support in furtherance of executive actions. Underpinned by synergy, the four areas are Education, Social Welfare, Youth Emancipation, and Food Security & Community Development.”

These four areas cover the different groups of constituents as a whole and individually. Our education ideas provide for life-long learning. The ideas we will be introducing will support primary school pupils, secondary school students, tertiary institution students, professional qualification applicants, and enrollees at our vocational and mass education centers.

“With our social welfare ideas, we will give regular, well-packaged support to elders, women, indigents, persons living with disabilities and other vulnerable persons in our constituency.”

“Special attention will be given to emancipate the youths socioeconomically. I am highly passionate about this highly energized demography because with the right initiatives, this demography will drive the economic advancement of our constituency and state in general. The demography will be supported through learning, working, and living. I assure you loads of packages await this demography.
I will be supporting the wellbeing of the entire constituency through ensuring food security and community development. My support will close the gaps in how much public goods constituents in smaller towns got versus that got by constituents in the main towns.”

“About My Capacity The task before us to advance Ikorodu constituency II requires forthrightness, proficiency, and capacity. Without being hubristic I make bold to say that I am defined by all three traits.
On forthrightness, I have never been found wanting in my numerous community, voluntary and career roles. My uprightness makes me build worthy interpersonal network during the many leadership roles I have played and still playing in the different organizational settings I am privileged to be part of.
On proficiency, my various selfless public deeds, and engagements through which I contribute to community development discourse are there for anyone to reference.
On capacity, my CV which shows my deep knowledge and cognate experience does justice. More so, attestations by my mentors, official supervisors, mates and colleagues, friends and family members will convince you of my strong will, mature composure, mental alertness, and emotional awareness.”

“Clearly, no single public officer or public institution can solve all societal problems or provide quick, easy developmental solutions. We need synergy and alignment of purpose in the short, medium, and long terms. Because the jobs to be done are enormous and difficult, the choices to be made will be painful. However, if we make the choices together and if we serve together, the implementation of the different initiatives that will come will be seamless.”

To emphasize, ladies and gentlemen, I am ready to be accountable to you and to be held to account by you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, ours is a campaign that identifies and values service. We believe the constituents hold the kingship statuses not the representative. This is not an ideology, it is pragmatism. I represent this realism because I am unapologetic about the advancement of our constituency through rendering non-chequered, quality service.
We are ordinary but we can achieve extraordinary feats together. You all are my backbones, and your support can make us to achieve the concrete development we have charted for our constituency.
I, therefore, first, appeal to my party (APC)’s delegates and the decision makers to support me in the primary elections which will select the party flagbearers. Second, I encourage all constituents aged 18 years and over to campaign and vote for me during the main elections in 2023. Please, do not let anyone discourage you, your votes count!
Also, distinguished fellow constituents, the power is with you. There have been boasts that we are not rich to afford the cost of the elections. They know they cannot match our acumen, proactiveness, and network, so they thought they could scare us with the irrelevant claim that they will outspend us. But they are wrong! They forget that you, the people, have the power and the riches. That is why many of you have come on board to co-produce HOA4HOA’23. We will continue to appreciate your support. “

Ladies and gentlemen, I re-emphasize to you that: we can co-design a beautiful new trajectory together. We can co-produce an enduring bold developmental agenda together. We can co-deliver positive life impacts and outcomes together. With me as your representative, Ikorodu constituency II will witness total quality development.

“As I end my speech, I would like to say that in life no other phenomenon has the same value as gravity than gratitude.
I therefore thank God for how far he has brought me and how far he is taking me. I thank my mentors who are incidentally our revered community and political leaders. I specially thank H.E.Prince Abiodun Ogunleye and Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun for introducing me to grassroot development and public service. I thank Senator Tokunbo Abiru, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, Hon. Jimi Benson, Chief Reuben Olowu, Prince Adesegun Ogunlewe, Hon. Chief Mrs Adebimpe Akinsola for making me become the grounded individual that I am now.
All our royal fathers have been tremendous for me and our HOA4HOA’23 goal. Even as we understand that our royal fathers must be fathers of all, we thank them greatly for their prayers and wise counsels. I appreciate the Obateru of Egbin (HRM Oba Akeem Adeoriyomi Oyebo, Oyebo the 2nd).”

“One thing that is not stressed enough is that I am a bona-fide royal son of Egbin kingdom. The Obateru is my father; I cannot thank him enough for playing the fatherly role unreservedly. Without him, we may not have recorded as much progress as we have. Thank you very much, Kabiyesi! I am inestimably grateful to The Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom (HRM Oba Abdul-Semiu Orimadegun Kasali, Emugoriade I); Kabiyesi is another special gift to our constituency, division, and state in general. I also appreciate the Ranodu of Imota (HRM Oba Ajibade Agoro). He is very receptive towards me and my campaign; I appreciate him greatly. I also thank the royal council of Ijede led by the regent (High Chief Aliu Musediku Ogunmuyiwa). “

“I thank all chiefs of the Obateru-in-council, Ranodu-in-council, and the Adeboruwa-in-council for their encouraging words and prayers. I benefit from the counsels and prayers from Muslim, Christian, and Cultural leaders. I give my total appreciation to all of them. I am overwhelmed by the huge support coming from our mothers in the three LCDAs; I sincerely thank them. The youth bodies are rooting for my campaign massively; I appreciate you all.”

“I am grateful to my lovely and ever supportive wife, who stands by me in thick and thin. I thank my children for being so understanding and fun to be with it. I thank my strong support system – my entire family (my mother, my uncles, aunties, brothers, and sisters). You are amazing people; I appreciate you for driving me on. I thank all my friends for their incredible roles thus far and I trust they would not stop.”

“I will be negligent if I do not appreciate all the various support groups I have been blessed to have. The LeAP team members have been particularly wonderful. I profusely thank the team managers: Nurudeen, Gbenga, Kazeem, Toyib, and ‘Leke. Thank you so much.
Long live Ijede LCDA; Long live Imota LCDA; Long live Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA
Long live Ikorodu Division; Long live Lagos Sate; Long live Nigeria””I’d appeal to my family, and the people of our community to a support a man with a vision, a man that has the credibility, the capable man for the Presidency Job our Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.” HOA concluded.

“I’d appeal to my family, friends, and the people of our community to support a man with a vision, a man that has the credibility, the capable man for the Presidency Job our Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.” HOA concluded.

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