ZIGS04 Elites honours February Celebrants in grand style ~Ajasa-Info

By Muhammad Adekunle

Zumratul Islamiyah Grammar School (ZIGS04) Elites Celebrates it’s annual February Celebrants with Prince Fatola Adesegun as it’s President.

The event which held on 26th February 2022 at De Kings Hotel Sabo, Ikorodu Lagos state witnessed a gathering of old school students of the above named school, Friends, relatives and well wishers in large numbers who came from wide and near to celebrate in the fun fare of the association.

It started on an amicable note where the President hosted his colleagues and executives of the association to a closed door meeting saddled with the responsibility of forward thinking, election updates, account of funds generated and deliberations in a bid to sustain the association.

Hereafter, was a reception programme which guest and members wine and dine to the sound of exotic Fuji music, hip-hop varieties and so on. the highlights of the day was the chanting of ancestral pedigree of each February celebrants which left the entire crowd in Awe. The Association in it’s well meaning practice consist it’s elite students o several tribes and location who came together to give the day it’s befitting honour.

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