Kosofe residents rejoice as they express their happiness and gratitude towards their Local government Chairman Barr. Moyosore Ogunlewe at the celebration of 100 days in Office.

The chairman who is described as the man of the people gives kudos to his party leaders, Councillors and the residents for supporting him since he attained the office.

In his speech, “Today marks an important landmark in the annals of Kosofe local government area, as we render the account of stewardship in the last 100 days, to the good people of this local government who graciously gave us this sacred mandate.
Foremost, I want to thank God Almighty, the Author and the Finisher of every good thing, for giving us the wisdom to accomplish the modest achievements recorded over the past 100 days in office, my depth gratitude goes to our leader of leaders, the indefatigable political strategist and awaiting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Jagaban Borgu and the Asiwaju of the universe, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement.

Also, I want to thank all our party stalwarts, particularly the various leaders, office holders here in Kosofe and All Progressives Congress’ party members, who stood by us during the electioneering campaign and ensured that our mandate became a reality, especially good people of Kosofe for their steadfastness, faith and belief in our Administration, particularly our fathers, the traditional rulers, religious leaders, artisans, the market men and women, leaders of Road Transport Associations, non- governmental and faith-based organizations”.

Barrister Moyosore Ogunlewe expresses his delight towards the residents of Kosofe, his colleagues and staff, for working enormously together with him which shows the “one family” he said in his speech, “The input of the various heads of administration and members of staff of this council is a great pedestal that has lifted our Administration to enviable heights. I will not forget my colleagues in the Administration, the legislative arms and my team for their relentless efforts in ensuring that we recorded these achievements, so far, our 100 days have been eventful, as it is action-packed, we commenced our journey by rolling out people-oriented programmes and projects, the beginning of every task is usually the most vital, challenging and determining”.

However, how well you start says a lot about how far you will go, your resilience to obstacles you may encounter on the path, and your chances of succeess.

100 days ago, we all began a journey, one forged with inclusion and togetherness. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and our community of Kosofe took that step together on the day I was sworn in as Chairman of this Local Government.
Some months ago, I stood before you all, just as I stand before you now, and made promises to everyone of you. Most of you believed in me then, believed in my intentions to do even greater things; you declared me tested and trusted, and gave me the opportunity to serve you all. For that, my team and I are truly grateful”.

Residents express their views of their amiable chairman “we trust Moyo, we are grateful to him for he has shown us that we are his priority in his administration and we will continue to show our support to him and his colleagues as he has done a lot for us and our community and we pray he will continue to prosper.”

Barrister Moyosore Ogunlewe gives account of stewardship since he assumed the office,
“With only 3 months in office, this Administration can proudly say that in terms of work, we have imprinted our footprints in the sands of time with verifiable achievements, we touch various area varies from the Educational aspect, Transportation, Health, Construction of roads among others, these are the deeds:

Distribution of 150 GCE forms,
Deworming exercise of all public primary school pupils,
Purchase of four Revenue Buses for Area offices within the local government,
Purchase of AIuta jet bus for National Union of Local Government Employee (NULGE), to aid their services,
NewIy purchased Ambulance (President Hiace) for efficient service for all Health Centres in Kosofe local government,
Purchase of new Legislators’ Bus for smooth running of administrative work,
Newly purchased of despatch motorcycles for service deliveries,
Construction of 10 Road Projects on the underlisted streets:
Abioye Street, Mende – Completed,
Awanatu Street, Oworo -On-going,
Araromi Street, Ogudu- On-going,
Adebayo Mokonlu Street, Anthony – On-going,
Odubela Street, Ojota – On-going,
Ogundairo Street, Oworo – On-going,
Ajoke Street, Ogudu – On-going,
Idowu Dada Street, Ogudu – On-going,
Julius Kadiri Street, Ifako – On-going,
Ara-Orin Street, Ifako – On-going,
Construction of Customary Court
and Administrative Office – on-going,
Renovation and Upgrading of Executive Chairman’s office and some offices within the local government headquarters,
Construction of Health Centre in Oworo ward A – on-going.

Omooba Muyiwa Sosanya Member GAC expresses his appreciation towards the management for their cooperation with the chairman for the betterment of Kosofe local government,
“The classification of youth is within 22 to 35, as for me anybody beyond that is old. We have seen what our amiable chairman has done within days he assumed the office, Let gives the young men chances to rule to expect this kind of feedback since he has done a lot, the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, what we can’t do, the young ones can and will do it.

The chairman expresses his appreciation towards all attendees, “Ladies and gentlemen, members of our great Party and members of the press, our journey is not so far, so we need to make haste in our resolve to build the Kosofe of our dream.

The ward with the highest votes during LG election which is ward F, Ojota were awarded with the sum of One million naira only.

I want to implore everyone, particularly the media, to give us the needed publicity, as we roll out our various developmental programs and projects. Your friendly criticism is also welcome, as this will keep us on our toes.

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