The President of Councillors’ Forum Of Nigeria, Hon Alimi Nurudeen wishes citizen of Nigeria happy Independence Day on behalf of all councilors across the nation.

Supporting the nation, promoting love in serving our Father land, Upholding the legacy built by our forefathers is the responsibility of every citizen in our country.
Hon. ALIMI Nurudeen charge all his colleagues across the nation to promote love and peace in sustaining the legacy built by our forefathers towards building a concrete synergy between the government and constituents as grassroot ambassadors and largest political office holders in the nation whose tentacles cut across the country.

Equally, it’s utmost importance to formulate policies cable of repositioning our local governments and Nigeria by extension towards better integration and not disintegration irrespective of our diversity of ethnic, culture and religion.

Keeping the Nigeria flag of peace and hope weaving as duty of all and sundry.

Congratulations to all councillors of local governments of Nigeria, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

E – Signed
Hon. ALIMI Nurudeen

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