In commemoration of International Youth Day 2021, Sarah Adebisi Sosan
Foundation organised the Annual Youth Summit 2021 which held on the 2nd of September, the theme of International Youth Day 2021, “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, highlights the success of such a global effort will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people.

Through youth education, engagement, innovation and entrepreneurial
solutions, this year’s International Youth Day aims to provide a platform for young people to continue the momentum in the lead up to the high-level Food Systems Summit.

The Chief Host Her Excellency, Princess (Mrs) Sarah Adebisi Sosan, OFR and the
Founder of SAS Foundation in her remarks she encouraged the participants to focus in their doings, use their youthful age well, Self development: Improving themselves in whatever they are doing, Reading of books: Read about successful people, Civic Responsibilities: she asked the gathering how man of them has a PVC of which about 60% of them raised up their hands, and she advised to get involved in order to make a positive diffence in the society.

The President of the National Union of Lagos State Students NULASS, Comr. Akinola Shasanya applaud the former Deputy Governor Her Excellency Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan for her love for the youths over the years even before she left office, and Thank her on behalf of all students in the states and the country at large.

Hon. Dayo Israel in his own remark share his story how he started his journey as a child in order to make things right by getting involved in the children parliament, using his school fees to organized program for children of which hosted people around Africa, and enjoin them to volunteer everything is not about money, serving is as the results of where he his today as the Permanent Board Member of LASUBEB and definitely more are still coming.

Hon Dayo Israel reminded theparticipant that today is a result of what we did with yesterday, so also Tommorow will be a result of how we spend today.

“How are you spending today, are you being hostile to people today because you are in charge, because you will
become frail someday and those you
overlook may be the ones to hold
your hand. And you young fellas,
what you become in 20 years will be
as a result of your life actions from
now. E se rere”

The Keynote Speaker African Farmer Mogaji share his experience as a farmer and Lecture the hall on how to become a successful farmer by engaging each participants of their experience in Agriculture, also their profession on how it can be linked to Agriculture, i.e A photographer can based on visiting farms to be taking shots of their activities there and thereafter upload it online, he said no one is doing that as we speak but it will become a big blown for such person, likewise others profession by proffering solutions to them.

The participants applaude the Sarah Adebisi Sosan Foundation for the laudable summit and Promise to make use of the knowledge they have gained at the summit.

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