By: Adebowale Jeff Johnson

“This project (started 2015) was born out of my desire to change the perspective of Success we all have been taught.”

“Repeatedly, we have listened, read and watched motivational speakers; pastors and life coaches teach us that success is only as a result of hard work, prayers or divine arrangement. Maybe even providence or just luck.”

“Quite a few of us have taken time to study the Holy Books. In fact, a lot of us can boast of reading all the Holy Books ever written, yet we misunderstand the value of success so much so we forget that success does not come without some failing moments.”

“I do not write to focus on my failures because I understand that my failures have brought me more than sorrow. They have brought me joy, happiness, knowledge, wisdom, good things of life and even SUCCESS. Yes! SUCCESS!”

“In this book I will be looking at failure from a different angle. Indeed, I am yet to see a book that takes time to talk about failures or a personal account of how failures have been a major contribution to success.”

“I have read some biographies – this is not meant to be one – and discovered that those who have achieved success in life were all faced with as many failures as the successes they achieved.
Let us do a brief name-dropping to put us in the realm of the essence of this project. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Femi Adun, Olakunle Soriyan, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Aliko Dangote and so on. At the end of each chapter, we will read a little more about these individuals and their failures. Yet, they are examples of very successful people on earth.”

“This entire people may not be Christians yet they were failures and became successful. The question is; is Success or Failure associated with Religion? No!
Your religion or what you worship does not guarantee your success. Your way of life does. Are you hardworking or lazy? Do you procrastinate? Are you a Problem Solver? Those are some of the things that matter. To be successful, you will have to do something that no one else has ever done before. Invention is the mother of success.”

“Friends, throughout history man have been designed to fail. But what man does with failure is what differentiates one man from another.”

“Are you like Michael and Bill or are you one of those who give up at the face of failure? Maybe you think like Judas. Committing suicide is not an option my friend. Since you are reading this, be sure God has a purpose for your life. There are one million and one things you are built for. Get back up and start all over again.”

“This book is set to begin the journey of a paradigm shift for you. Read it. Study it. Write in, on and around the book. Let no page pass you by without a change in your life. I was instructed to show you how God has helped me in all my failures and how today I am still going strong. I hope by the time you are done reading this book, I would have helped you move to a place of success, joy, happiness and true fulfilment.”

“Please note, I got back to this book after a failed marriage. In fact, several attempt to be happily married. But I have not given up on love. I was badly broken, but God over time helped me get back unto my feet. A failed marriage(s) does not mean an end to hope. A failed career does not mean an end to life. Whatever the failing point is, get back up again!”

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