Nnamdi & Igboho are Cowards: You promote violence, carry arms against govt, flee abandoning your brainwashed followers ~Ajasa-Info

By: Hon. Godstime

What I dont understand about some Nigerian freedom fighters is their penchant to take to their heels when declared wanted.You kill, maim and urge your followers to break law and order with the foolery that you are untouchable but at the slightest attempt to invite or arrest you,you run away.

What manner of a freedom fighter abandon his brainwashed followers to escape.Oh,you dont want to be in prison or die for a cause in which you are promoting violence?

And that brings to the fore the deceit in all these separatist agendas.If indeed you are convinced about the propriety or otherwise of your agenda,you will not abandon your flock whom you instigated to violence by fleeing like a coward.Indeed you are a coward.We saw Chief Gani Fawwhinmi who never ran away but stood eyeball to eyeball with oppressive military regimes.That is called courage that comes with conviction.Of course Gani never instigated anyone against government,he was a one man riot squad.And he died as a hero.Mallam Aminu Kano fought the right wing reactionary elements to a standstill,was imprisoned over his political beliefs and didn’t try to run away like a cheap coward.You heard me right,cowards are cheap.They instigate people to die while they run for dear life.Is that how to promote your Republic.You promote your Republic by intellectual engagement with the world.We saw how it played out in Southern Sudan.

You want to take up arms against your country,your family is in Germany or London,you refused to repatriate them to Nigeria for them to participate and probably pay the supreme sacrifice but you are willing to make the children of nobody as your sacrificial lambs.Your family is safely tucked in Piccadilly Circus and other exotic part of Central London or Germany miles away from the violence you implanted that has consumed innocent but brainwashed followers who die like fowls.You get native intelligence no be small.

So,if you succeed,it is then that your children will come down and lord it over those that were in the trenches?If you want to agitate for right to self determination in this modern day,you liase with international community and probably engage the African Court of Human and peoples Right or you go into the trenches by your self to lead.And then you will be declared a war lord.If you fail or get captured,you know the consequences.In Law they call it treasonable felony.You will surely have a date with the hangman.So,its a choice but you must be ready for the consequences and involve your family.You cant push other families to die while your own are watching european cup of nations in the most sophisticated stadium in the world.That is wickedness and it sucks.

Those who believe in these charlatans are more disgusting than them.And some educated people,even Professors keyed into this circus show?Indeed Nigeria is a country that has defied gravity!

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