FIC Models Commence Recruitment For Models In Nigeria For Y2021 ~Ajasa-Info

The first phase of FIC Models Y2021 recruitment briefing/sign-up meeting was held on Saturday,
17th of July and it recorded the attendance of young males and females determined to make unique mark in the
modelling industry and global entertainment by extension, the last phase is expected to take place next Saturday 24th of July.

In an interview with Mr. Olubode Mac Oserinde popularly known as Macboodye (Team Leader Fanafilit Integrated Concept) explain the essence of the recruitment and called on aspiring models to seize the golden opportunity to grow their careers.

“We’re using this recruitment brief to enhance the game of aspiring models across Nigeria, exposing them to more training, product sampling, entertainment synergies and everything that requires the input of a model to uplift brand and creativity”

“After putting them through this recruitment stage we shall be incubating them for further upgrades which would prepare them for the opportunities ahead. Having passion is one thing but making it productive and resourceful is another”

“FIC models embody those rudiments to project these models to the next level and we’re calling on all aspiring models to take advantage of this opportunity, FIC models is open to all no matter your location in Lagos State or Nigeria at Large”

“As you can see we have Scott Ikporo (a brand experts) in the house, putting the models through on understanding brand approach and the significance of talent grooming, we also have Dafresh Olorin (an artist and fashion designer) engaging them on expectations in areas of models leveraging brands to execute product communication and other mediums” Olubode Mac Oserinde Added

Miss Gift Oyinyechi (Model manager and business development leader for Fanafilit integrated concept) also asserted that aspiring models should be open-minded for the training process to yield results, She stated that FIC models is the best platform to pave greater exposure and harmonise their creativity with respective brands.

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