NYCN Ikorodu West Peer Education Session continues across Schools, Communities in Ikorodu West ~Ajasa-Info

On Thursday, our Peer Education Session continued at Zamfat School, Olutoye in Ward D of Ikorodu West LCDA. Peer Educator Anthony Afolayan adopted a new twist that we call “The Power of Sweet”. Every participants became interested in saying one or two things; what they knew and what they did not. They also shared their personal experiences on areas of Cultism, Sexual Abuse and so on. Even on Sunday, our peer educators could not rest, we were on the move. We were hosted by one of our affiliate organisations; Unity Estate Association Gbadi in Ward C Agric where we talk to young youths. There, we had a marvelling revelation of a brilliant university student who had to drop out of school because of threats from cultist who insisted he must join them. Our journey to schools and community continuous as we hope that in the end of all this, we would have helped In School and Out of School Youths on decision making, goal setting, endingGBV and other Sexual Reproductive Health related issues. We are committed to a new Ikorodu West, where youths appreciates their youthful age and meaningfully use it towards the growth of the community. We are reshaping the future today, investing in the youths mean securing the future, would you rather journey with us? More Pictures: *#endGBV* *#endRape* *#SayNoToDrugAbuse* *#SoceityForFamilyHealth* *#NYCNIkdWest* *#YouthfulAndUseful* *#betterTogether* e-Signed✍️ Media Team _6/7/21_

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