•Fathers are the important figure in a person’s life. He’s the one who teaches their children to become a better human being and teaches them different things about the world and set a good example for them to follow.

•Islam places great emphasis on fathers. It encourages them to have a good relationship with their children and to treat them with kindness. It also teaches children to look after their fathers and give immense respect to them. As fathers are the ones who sacrifice for the family to give them a better future.

•Islam gives great importance to fathers. It encourages men to become a good father to their children. Also, the status of fathers is high in Islam that the displeasure of fathers is considered as the displeasure of Allah.

•Prophet Muhammad PBUH has laid emphasis upon the respect and love for fathers. Who work for their children effortlessly. He has asked his people to do whatever a man can for his father.

•Fathers are a rock for a family. In Islam, the status of a father is so important that he has been made the best way to paradise.

•Fathers are important to a family as they make it a whole. Children should respect their fathers and understand that fathers especially good fathers are a gift from Allah SWT.


•Greetings From:~ Hon~Prince Fuhad Oloto
[Founder/Chairman PFO FOUNDATION | The CEO F. Oloto Construction & Futol Groups]


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