The Leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria Lagos State Chapter under the leadership of Comrade Olalekan Oba, states their stance on June 12 Protest this was stated in the Youth Council Press Release.

Distinguished Youth Leaders
Gentlemen of the Press

  1. It has come to the notice of the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN Lagos State Chapter that a faceless group is planning another round of protest after the ‘EndSars’ protest, which has caused Lagos State ugly experiences.

Undoubtedly, protest is an inalienable rights of the individual or a group of people only when dialogue has been fully been exhausted.

Lagos State is yet to heal from the damage and carnage occasioned by the ‘EndSars’ protest which was later hijacked by evil perpetrators.

Hence, the Lagos NYCN totally dissociate with the planned protest and would like to use this medium to advise the youths to thread with caution. No to Destructive Protest.

  1. Exercising rights as citizens shouldn’t resort to burning down infrastructures built with your money – the tax payers money.
  2. As a youth body, we have activated the #LoveLAGOS advocacy to preach love and further sustain the peaceful co-existence we all have been enjoying in Lagos.

This advocacy will spread accross all communities using various social media platforms and physical reach to serve as a wake up call to the youths.

No Youth Council member or Youth stakeholder in Lagos State should allow themselves to be used as agents of destruction on the good legacies of our founding fathers

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been working round the clock to restore sanity and heal the wounds recorded during the EndSARS Protest.

To make Lagos State our own Dubai, we can only jaw-jaw and not war-war

Thank you and God bless you all.


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